Slice of Life Challenge – March 5 – A Godiva Chocolate Review

In February, I started thinking about all the interesting ways I might involve others in my blog posts in March for the Slice of Life Challenge. Product reviews were one of the ideas I had, and so I sent products to several of my friends and family members asking them to dive into a fun experience and to share some feedback.

My brother came to mind right away, and since it was Valentine’s Day, I sent him a text:

I considered several brands of chocolate, but landed squarely on the one with a little bit of spicy history in its name. I ordered two boxes of Godiva – one for my brother and one for the woman he loves – and had them shipped to his front door.

No one ever says no to reviewing chocolate.

In February, I introduced my brother and his girlfriend on the blog when he shared a great strategy for deepening their relationship through a game called Let’s Get Deep. I promised in that post that they’d be back in March with a big announcement about their tastes. So here is the announcement: they love Godiva chocolate, and there is a clear winner on the exact piece that they both think is the best.

Their overall winner is the Dark Chocolate Lava Cake Truffle.

They shared their review: “The lava cake’s consistency is good, with a dual filling of a fusion of molten chocolate and decadent dark chocolate, which is representative of our love. It’s our favorite flavor, but also a metaphor of how filled we are with love for each other. Although the name of the candy is over-complicated, it’s a lot like our relationship – an easy, simple, and flavorful experience.”

Long live love…..and chocolate!

Special thanks to Two Writing Teachers

24 Replies to “Slice of Life Challenge – March 5 – A Godiva Chocolate Review”

  1. Kim.
    .You’re here early today! I’d gladly review chocolates for you. Anything to be of service! 😉 I do love the metaphor and the sweet description these two love birds offered, It’s fun to feature others in conversational ways on our blogs. I’ll need to go back and find that original post, which I must have missed while traveling.

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  2. Aaahhh I love this so much!! What s great idea to involve others in your blogging challenge, and what an engaging way to do so. They look so happy!!

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  3. I love your outside the box thinking of involving others. The smile of your brother shows how much he loved jumping into reviewing your box of chocolates. You are quite the forward thinker. I’m just trying to live as a writer myself. You are onto how to get others to write, too! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Kim, your creativity is incredible! This is a delectable post on a number of levels – the chocolate, the idea of sending it to couple working at going deeper with their love, the joy on their faces, the many-layered metaphor of the Dark Chocolate Lava Cake Truffle. I am going to have to find it and try it myself! My Scout has recently announced that she wants to try lava cake so naturally her Franna is working on making that happen. Lava cake is so clearly linked to love!

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    1. Fran, it’s happened again. We took our Aidan out for his birthday dinner at Longhorn last night (belated, since new teenagers always have plans on their actual birthdays), and Lava Cake was on the menu. He said he’d been wanting to try lava cake…..but alas, the Dairy Queen hot fudge Blizzard was the dessert choice since we were too full to eat dinner and dessert back to back. Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I hope you discover lava cake or a great recipe. This sounds like a tradition in the making – lava cake baking with Franna.

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  5. I love what you did, sending chocolates for them to review and then posting about it. I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. I can’t eat too much as I have a dairy sensitivity, so I try to be mindful when I do eat it. Neat idea!

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    1. Thank you so much! I, too, love dark chocolate. I have a friend who eats two dark chocolate Hershey Kisses every evening with 2 to 4 oz. of dry red wine. Her heart doctor says these things work together for the good of the heart. Thanks for reading today!

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  6. Kim, isn’t that fun! I love what you said this morning about controlling the challenge, so you didn’t feel controlled by it. Brava! And what joy and fun you added to the world with this activity. I love the chocolate review they wrote. Precious!!

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