Slice of Life Challenge – March 4 – Savoring Saturdays – Coffee with Family in Kentucky

A small-town local coffee shop in Kentucky

During winter break in February, I enjoyed a quick getaway to visit some of my family in Kentucky, where I added a few more coffee shop savorings to my treasured memory bank. Saturday Savorings are really not about the coffee – – they’re about the undivided attention to conversation and togetherness; the coffee state of mind and the coffee shop ambiance are just there to provide the perfect backdrop to enrich the experiences as life steeps and brews. Generally, the savorings take place on Saturdays, but I was blessed with the gift of time that allowed coffee through the week.

A Starbucks in Kentucky

A Starbucks was our first stop (Thursday), where I bought a state mug to “remember when” each time I pour a cup at home. There’s something magical about different coffee mugs that take me back to those times that I cherish with family. Having spent the first years of my life in Kentucky while Dad finished seminary in Louisville, this mug is extra-special! On those non-coffee nights, I like to fill my mug with light vanilla almond milk, pop it in the microwave to heat up, and add a splash of mocha syrup (Jordan’s Skinny Syrups with no calories).

There’s nothing as special as time with family.

A Kentucky state mug to bring me back to the moments spent with family
A family member snapped this photo as I sipped my coffee

Our second savoring was on Friday, where we visited a local small-town specialty shop for brunch and a collaborative word search game. We ordered egg and cheese frittatas, street waffles with brown sugar cinnamon and syrup, and blueberry-almond coffee. The plants in the window, the small-paned windows and old bricks, and the books that support a children’s ministry were among the charming things we admired about the place.

This coffee shop offered an assortment of games and puzzles
Coffee and books…..what could be better??
A street waffle with brown sugar cinnamon and syrup
We had fun finding words together as we chatted
Small-paned windows with plants are the most welcoming kinds of windows!

Saturday Savorings may be one of the best new things of 2023 because they are planned, anticipated, and protected time together – whether I’m with extended family, close family, or alone, whether I’m in a frequently-visited coffee shop at home or one with new unfamiliar charm in another state.

Cheers to all the magic of Saturday morning coffee!

Special thanks to co-authors at for the Slice of Life Challenge this month.

11 Replies to “Slice of Life Challenge – March 4 – Savoring Saturdays – Coffee with Family in Kentucky”

  1. Kim,
    I love the photos and the ambiance in these coffee shops. I love the way these “Saturday Savorings” slow life down and gift time and focus to little pleasures. I love the mug story and am thinking of a tea cup I brought home from China and how I’d planned to drink tea I brought from Thailand in it yesterday and forgot to. I won’t forget today. Simply lovely post today, my friend.

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  2. Oh, you spoke my language in this Slice. As a coffee lover and a lover of all things coffee, I savored every word and image that you gave us this morning. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a special tradition. Your pictures add the the warmth of this idea. I love the “protected time together.” I need to make this happen more in my life.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m reading and commenting on your post while sipping coffee…in my dining room while our guest dog cleans himself with great energy and some loud schlurping noises. It might not qualify as a classic Saturday savoring, but it’s good. Thanks for that term and for the concept of a “street waffle,” which just sounds very appetizing at this moment.

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    1. Yes, home is a Saturday savoring, too! Anything that creates pause and enjoyment, and the bottom line truth is that there is nothing that creates more soul-soothing savoring than a schlurping dog who knows he belongs and knows he is loved.

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  5. I savored this post, Kim, start to finish. The best of everything makes an appearance here: family, COFFEE, books – that waffle looks absolutely scrumptious. Must say I love your fabulous lacy blouse, too – beautiful. The key here, I think, is deliberately making the magic happen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Fran! I think you are right. I think you just gave me an idea with a magic wand involved. A wand and an idea that might both work. Thinking on that one……. (and thank you on the blouse too – while I am not a good candidate for wearing light colored tops because I’m prone to spills, this one seemed to go with my carefree boho mood that day).


  6. Savoring Saturdays sound fabulous. It looks like a very fun day at this local coffee shop. Books in coffee shops are the best! We have the same series of cups from Starbucks for Minneapolis and Seattle, so we can think of our kids when we use them.

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