Reflections on 2022 in 26 Pictures

2022 has been a year of living life in full gear for the first three quarters and slamming on brakes the last three months of the year before returning to a snail’s pace. As a traveler with a hopeless case of wanderlust, three curveballs slowed me down between September 27 and the end of the year: a broken ankle right before Fall Break (I had to cancel a hiking trip to Fort Mountain State Park in Chatsworth, Georgia); a collision with a deer (I wasn’t hurt – but I had to listen to what the good Lord was trying to tell me about slowing down a bit…..first my heels, then my wheels); and then I tested positive for Covid (we missed The Piano Boys in concert at The Fox in Atlanta after buying the tickets a year in advance).

In 2023, I’ll be adjusting my sails for a new concept called “Slow Travel.” But for now, here are some of my memories from 2022, in pictures:

Time together sharing the warmth of Callaway Gardens Christmas lights- November

My One Little Word for 2022 – January
Presenting at NCTE in Anaheim, CA with my writing group at – November
Visiting San Antonio in February – so hot I had to buy a t-shirt at the Alamo one day, but didn’t have enough clothes in my suitcase for the cold temperatures the following day!
Scriptural Meal at the Biblical History Center in Lagrange, GA – May
Sharing picture adventures with my hiking, rockhounding daughter
Spending time over the holidays with our 5 grandchildren – December
Taking Aidan to visit Mom’s grave at Christ Church Cemetery, St. Simon’s Island, GA – December
Watching eagles dive for fish in Ketchikan, Alaska – June
Dogsledding on Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau – June
Camping throughout the year – here, on the peninsula at Dames Ferry Campground, Juliette, GA
Christmas Day Church Service
Trolley tour of Vancouver, B.C. – June
Breakfast at the Mallery Street Cafe, St. Simons Island, GA, with Dad, Aidan, Ken, and Jennifer – December
Enjoying a White Christmas in Kentucky
Gibbs Gardens in full bloom – Ball Ground, GA – April
With my son and his family at Pine Mountain, Georgia – November
Black Rock Mountain Overlook – April
Ken’s new dog, Kasa, rescued and adopted after a gunshot to the front paw – July, Brunswick, GA
Briar and my stepson Andrew on a sunset kayak paddle – Lake Juliette, GA – May
With Briar on the glass walk at the Space Needle – Seattle, WA – June
Suspension Bridge at Fall Creek Falls State Park, Tennessee – December
Broken Ankle – at home in Pike County, Georgia – September
November 1 – at home after hitting a deer
Spending time in front of the stone fireplace at the Grove Park Inn – Charlotte, NC – April
Great coffee and time with Boo Radley, Ollie, Fitz, and Briar – Kentucky, December

Blessings in 2023! I wish you a Happy New Year! Stay warm and cozy.

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Own Form

I’ve been writing through Lightning Paths by Kyle Vaughn since October, and today is the final poem exercise. The prompt calls for writers to create their own form and write one. I enjoy the Golden Shovel form, and spent a month last year writing Multiple Shovels. Vertical lines may appear in one line, a Double Shovel, a Triple Shovel, Quadruple Shovel, and yes – – I even made it to a Quintuple Shovel. Here is a Double Shovel from my spooky October theme from 2021, when I visited Salem, Massachusetts. Here’s a Triple Shovel. Here’s a Quadruple Shovel. Here’s a Quintuple Shovel.

Today’s writing is a double golden shovel poem using two lines from Elizabeth Willis’s “The Witch.” Lines are emboldened vertically. 

Double Double Golden Shovel 

with herbs and frogs she concocts
a potion which may at first 
glance appear soupish ~ then 
she will call to powers that 
will not be weak but will 
make her stew an acting agent,
rancid only in deed ~
the enemies of a witch sip 
fresh hell from silent spoons, 
butter creamy film residue 
of wickedness from whose actions 
her spell placards exacting
righteous evil are cast upon her
neighbor who soon goes missing….

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Circular Poem

I’ve been reading Kyle Vaughn’s Lightning Paths since October, and working my way through the daily exercises from cover to cover. Today’s prompt is a circular poem – it’s hard to master digitally, but I’m writing mine and posting a picture in its concrete shape. I’m thinking of my grandchildren roasting marshmallows at Dowdell’s Knob in Pine Mountain, Georgia when they visited for Thanksgiving.

Roasting Marshmallows at Dowdell’s Knob with 2/5 Grandchildren

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One-Word Poem

I’m writing my way through Kyle Vaughn’s Lightning Paths, which I began in October Now, I’m on the final stretch toward the end of the year. Today’s challenge is a one-word poem – and don’t let it fool you. It can be a bigger challenge than any other kind. It can have a title.


Our grandchildren (L-R: Sawyer, River, Saylor, Aidan holding Beckham) in Ridgeland, SC December 2022
At Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights, Pine Mountain, Georgia – November 2022
Sunset on a White Christmas at Burdoc Farms, Crofton, KY – 12/25/2022

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Two-Line Poem

I’ve been reading Kyle Vaughn’s Lightning Paths this month, working my way through the writing exercises from cover to cover. Today’s prompt is a two-line poem.

At High Falls Campground

There was better medicine in nature
than in the 5 Covid prescriptions I was taking 

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I’m reading through Kyle Vaughn’s Lightning Paths from cover to cover this month, writing my way through the exercises. Today’s challenge is a monostitch poem, or a poem of only one line. It can have a title.

Little Guy Max

who has the biggest personality on the campground?

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Tiny Poem

I’ve been reading Kyle Vaughn’s Lightning Paths from cover to cover, writing my way through the daily exercises. In today’s prompt, a tiny poem is the inspiration. Writers compose a tiny poem in four to six lines – its conciseness of words is its criteria, and it could take many forms – the Haiku, the monostitch, the tanka.

The Gift of Nothing

The gift of nothing
can be
the gift of everything.

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I’m reading Kyle Vaughn’s Lightning Paths from cover to cover, working my way through the writing exercises each day throughout the end of the year. Today’s inspiration is to write a beatitude, a statement of wisdom, positivity, empathy, or possibility. Many times, these begin with the words Blessed be….or Praise be….or Let there be…..

I’m writing today to celebrate my son’s necktie design that won the Save the Children art contest through Denny’s restaurant back when he was in kindergarten.

Let there be Childhood

Let there be childhood
full of reading picture books
that build healthy lives

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Epic Lists

I’ve been reading the book Lightning Paths by Kyle Vaughn and working my way from cover to cover with each of the writing exercises. Today’s challenge inspires writers to create an Epic List Poem, considering how a list form can support your writing and purpose. Words can vary on a theme or move from microscopic to macroscopic. It seeks to expand your awareness.

My Epic Christmas List of Unwrappables


Wet dog noses
Kayak paddles
Campfire chats
Foot Rubs
Bath soaks
Milkshake sharing
Stargazing Nights
Christmas Tree scents


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I’ve been reading Kyle Vaughn’s Lightning Paths and working my way through the writing exercises from cover to cover. Today’s challenge is to write a coinage poem that defines a word. I looked back to the day that Margaret Simon challenged Open Writers at to write etymology poems. Here is mine from that day: I defined the word Quirky.

Meet Quirky 

Quirky was born in 1873

to the adjective family tree,

wrapped upside-down in

a blanket different from all the rest ~

peculiar, off-beat, bizarre

eccentric, outlandish and

strange in an oddly appealing way,

in the same year in the 

word hospital as bumfuzzled,

capisce, and wordsmith.  

So wear the mismatched socks.

March to your own beat. Be quirky!

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