Slice of Life Challenge – March 25 – Updating Dating

Ken and Jennifer flying kites on Amelia Island Beach in Florida, February 2023

You might remember these two faces with hearts full of love for each other. That’s my baby brother, Ken, and his girlfriend, Jennifer. I featured them on Valentine’s Day on the blog and shared their winning Godiva chocolate preference (dark chocolate lava truffle) after their taste test in March. They were set up on a blind date early last fall by mutual friends, and the rest is history.

As a way of involving others in my blog posts this month, I recently texted and asked Ken and Jennifer one question: if you were giving advice to a new couple on how to plan a great date and spend time really getting to know each other, what would you say?

My brother responded first:

One of the things we did was to try and find things that were new to both of us, or at least that we weren’t experts at – like the painting party. Neither of us were experts at that, but we’d do another painting activity now. Also, something active is good, outdoors. Stay away from cliche’ and make sure there are plenty of opportunities to talk.

Jennifer responded a little while later:

I really loved riding bikes on Jekyll Island on one of our first outings together. We rode about ten miles, then stopped for lunch and a beer. It was a beautiful, sunny day outside, and they had live music. It was amazing. You really learn a lot about someone else by their spontaneity.

They really did follow their own advice. They’ve played golf, they’ve run a 5K, and flown kites on Amelia Island at the beach. They’ve been on bicycling adventures and ambled down Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee checking out the honky tonks. They’ve also attended each other’s churches, finding ways to make two faiths meaningful for both of them as a couple.

They’re adventuring.

They’re sharing life – investing in each other.

They’re savoring moments.

On a golfing adventure
Running a 5K
Attending an Ash Wednesday service

Ken and Jennifer on Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia
On a bicycling adventure
Ornaments made at Paints & Pints

Cheers to Ken and Jennifer for reminding us to be active at adventuring and talking – whether we’re dating, married, or single and loving it!

Long live love!

10 Replies to “Slice of Life Challenge – March 25 – Updating Dating”

  1. I have loved following this unfolding love story, and the advice shared for new couples is spot-on: Try something new you’re not especially good at; learn from each other’s spontaneity. The little things have huge impact! The photos are magnificent – their happiness shines through, as does the spirit of places they visit. Love and faith always find the way.

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  2. Kim,
    “Avoid cliches” is perfect advice along w/ the advice to find time to talk. Dating has changed so much, and the emphasis on being active is a really good change. I remember a first date to World’s if Fun, an amusement park in Kansas City, when I was in college. I learned a lot about the guy I was with, enough to know to say “no” to future dates. BTW: Great photos. We really get to know Ken and Jennifer in your posts about them.

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  3. This is very good advice…even for 40-year relationships. Active is good. New is good. Spontaneity is good. Beer is good. I like the idea of asking others for input to fuel a slice, too. And finally, I want to go to Driftwood Beach!

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