Let’s Get Deep

In the early fall when I was sipping my coffee and gazing out at Lake Juliette from my camper window on a Saturday morning, I got a call from my brother.

“I went on a blind date, and I like her a lot,” he told me.

I knew when he was ready to talk about her so soon after the first date that something was different – he’s never done that before. He’d sworn he was going to throw himself into his work as a real estate agent and enjoy the life of a single man, but he’s an attractive guy – as much as any brother can be – and when friends of friends start talking and matchmaking, a strange sort of magical chemistry happens. Friends see in their single friends a compatibility factor between two yet unintroduced soul mates. A seed is planted, and love blooms.

I was also surprised – though I shouldn’t have been – that he’d ordered a game as a Christmas conversation starter that has become a relationship-strengthening part of their courtship.

According to my brother, you can play the game Let’s Get Deep different ways, but they choose times to draw cards and take turns answering three levels of questions – from icebreaker, deep, and deeper categories.

“I’d recommend this game for any couple progressing to a more serious phase of a relationship. It gives you a chance to gain valuable insights into the shared values and dreams – and yes, it gets deep,” he told me. “In fact,” he offered, “I can also see how couples who have been together for a long time and seem happy should perhaps avoid this game. It has the potential to shake things up, but it also helps clarify how close or far apart you stand on issues.”

That, he explains, is why they keep holding their breath, holding hands, and taking turns drawing cards.

I’m pretty sure an ever-deepening love is in the cards for them, and on this Valentine’s Day, that’s worth celebrating! This adorable couple will make another blog appearance in March with a big announcement about their tastes. Stay tuned!

9 Replies to “Let’s Get Deep”

  1. So sweet- what a nice way to tell us about your love for your brother. I had to laugh at the admonition that long-established couples might not want to play the game!!! It got my imagination going. I think there should be a short story written about a long-married couple finally talking about their sleep schedule or such, and where it takes them…

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    1. I’m laughing just thinking about all the places the long-married couple might go with this. Somehow I’m seeing Marie and Frank Barrone from Everybody Loves Raymond in a deathlock, gripping these cards in their hands. What a humorous idea you’ve inspired!


  2. This is a wonderful piece of Valentine’s magic, Kim. Your brother’s idea of playing a game to open the dialogue is quite interesting. Going deeper is something we all should do.,


  3. Such a celebratory post, Kim – including that happy photo! The game sounds perfect for building relationships. Furthermore, we need more “play” in our lives – this is once of the reasons being with my granddaughters is my new favorite pastime. Before COVID, my church has Family Game Night when everybody brought their favorite board games and played; such great fun for all ages. I will be so interested to see how this new relationship deepens!

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    1. Fran, thank you for reading! Did you know that the Great Backyard Bird Count starts today? I posted on it another day this week, but I thought of you when I learned about it. It goes from today through the 20th. I think you and your granddaughters would enjoy this together!


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