Challenge: write a 100 word story using only 1-syllable words and showing something in a new light.

We took a flight to Rome and France, ate new foods. 
France was a place of love – a Seine boat ride, an art tour, a walk with a guide, a show. 
“Home is the best place,” he said. “It’s safe there.”
“But I like to breathe fresh air and forge new paths, to storm the streets with a map and a mind spin. Your warm bed will wait.” 
“Each hour is a trip if you seize the day and see it through a new lens,” he said. “We don’t need to jet the globe to find a world of fun.”
Challenge: write a poem
About your senior year of high school

A year away from Big Brother
How little we knew Orwell had it so right
And Asimov In The Fun They Had before him.
Beowulf in yellow and black for Ernestine Jones’ Senior English class
Yearbook editor with dreams of teaching just like Mrs. Jones, only nicer. 
I thought The Road held a more direct path, but Robert, like George and Isaac, had it right.
Write a poem about a time of pretending in October such as when you wore a Halloween costume as a child. 

Wednesday Addams –
The “normal” abnormal one.
Not the total monster of a Monday, yet
Never quite connecting with the Saturdays and the Sundays.
A haunted house freak
Where supernatural happenings are as predictable as the cuckoo
Where spirits come calling at all hours
With ailments as random as tombstone manners of death.
Of course. Some creep was always ringing.
The creepiest…
The kookiest…
The most mysterious…
The spookiest….
I never had to pretend. 
There’s not much difference between
An asylum and a parsonage.

The autumn camera roll photo that inspired my poem was taken last Friday night at The Sleepy Hollow Experience, a nighttime play that progresses through the woods with the audience traveling alongside the characters from point to point as the story unfolds.

The Sleepy Hollow Experience

Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Headless Horseman’s path was fallow

Rustic Landscape
Weeping Willow

Ichabod Crane
Lanky Fellow

Brom Van Brunt
Brawling Bully

Katrina Van Tassel
Curls of Yellow

Fateful Party
Crime to follow

Unsolved Mystery
Suspects narrow