Prime Time Modern Sonnet


Prime Time Modern Sonnet 

(Read in Landscape view for line formatting)

swirls of the whirlpools of kayak paddles

propelling a vessel across a lake

sit-in or sit-on and body-straddle

the ripply-rocking of speed-boaters’ wake

snake-tonguish flames licking marshmallow s’mores 

strobe-lighting delight in partakers’ eyes 

campfires, fireflies, and twilights outdoors 

stoking and kindling what money can’t buy

soul-resting lulls of hammocks in shade trees

cradling comfort for peace-seeking minds

stress disappears like feathers on breezes 

deep, restful napping the spirit soon finds

savoring moments and seeking life’s prime

love is the depth of the ways we spend time 

Savoring the Moment


Savoring the Moment

Fresh-ground coffee brewing, 

        plooking into the pot~

             aromatic vapors swirling 

Warm cinnamon rolls beckoning 

        breakfasters, gooey glazed globs

              awakening appetites 

Saturday morning, bare feet plunking

        down the stairs, ticky-toe

              terriers in tow… 

Pajama plans for a rainy autumn

        morning: listening to pelting drops,

              feeling the hygge of home

Four Schnauzer brows, eyes locked 

   on the glazed globs, inviting 

       bedheads to their #guiltparty


      a polite paw reminder


          …then a second notice  

               these two working in tandem 


      teaming up to score a bite 


                       before a cozy lap nap


Chincoteague Nonet


Chincoteague Nonet 

Annual Chincoteague Pony Swim:

saltwater cowboys on horseback

parade ponies down Main Street.

Misty of Chincoteague

made it world-famous ~

96 years,

now cancelled! 






The journey begins

into the great unknown. Faith

is the guiding light.

Van Gogh, Atlanta


Van Gogh, Atlanta

Immersive art exhibit 

Inside a painting 

Choose space on the floor 

Watch Vincent’s paintings emerge

On the room canvas

Spectacular lights

Bold, vivid color palette

He was color blind??

Gaze up: Starry Night 

Skeleton skull, cigarette

smokes through eye sockets

The Mulberry Tree,

A Field of Yellow Flowers,

Daubigny’s Garden

Flowerpot with Chives,

Fisherman’s Wife on the Beach,

Farmhouse Among Trees

Sunflowers, Two Crabs

Farmers Planting Potatoes

Potato Eaters

Poppies, Irises,

Enclosed Field with Rising Sun

Field with Two Rabbits

Last? Wheat Field with Crows 

Wheat field represents turmoil

Suicide sadness

Resurrection: crows

Harbingers of pain and death

His depression won 

And about that ear:

Failure with women caused this?

So he lent an ear?

Sealed in envelope

and delivered to brothel 

Was it even signed? 

Much to consider

in the chaotic beauty 

of Vincent Van Gogh




Clouds glide across the sky in middle Georgia 

Where here I am – 

Thirteen years into a sweet marriage after the one of twenty failed,

with memory remnants of a full set of Johnson Brothers

Friendly Village, years of piece gifts from both former sides against all of these new moments –

Wine sip paintings, owl and curlicue tree, 

still a nightstand pair and my childhood bed with haint blue underneaths, 

books and photographs

from absent presence days


true love 

Shot in the Dark Logic


Shot in the Dark Logic Nonet

“The government is out to track me,” 

the non-vaxxer contends, gulping

down a glass of milk approved

safe by the Food and Drug 


“…but I’ll show them,”

this genius

tells his


“God will protect me-I don’t need shots,”

an ignorant Christian preaches, 

cleaning his assault rifle,

exercising his full

second amendment

right to bear arms

yet won’t bare

the right


“The scriptures don’t allow the vaccine,”

she with freshly-shaved legs reasons,

swallowing her birth control 

pill and applying 

makeup over

pork sausage



“Let everyone else get it – not me,”

the statistician concludes as

he hands the clerk a twenty…

“My lucky Powerball’s

gonna win tonight,”

he announces,


in the


Conservative Welfare

Conservative Welfare   

community ownership of things ~

conservative welfare: how one  

lives life as a socialist 

denouncing those who mooch

yet won’t spend a dime

at his expense

when he can




let the 

“real” owner

bear all the costs 


with the upkeep of the

community property 

while bellyaching the taxes

he pays for shared county services