The Struggle Is Real

I keep on going up a size
And now my clothes do not fit me
The only thing the same’s my eyes
I haven’t run in months, you see
I haven’t watched my diet much
My “counting points” has not occurred
For lunch I just eat such & such
These hips are nothing but absurd!
My stress level is off the chain
I can’t quit work – I need the funds
Which maybe helps excuse weight gain
I just can’t keep on gaining tons
The change is up to me to make
I need to do some exercise
I must stop eating junk like cake
And lower stress would be advised
I think I’ll start today at six
I’m really not sure when is best
Monday noon may be my pick
Will my willpower stand the test?

Challenge from Susie Morice: write a poem about a piece of art, capturing its light, colors, mood and message.

In muted tones of warm shallows
with streams of light filtering through
the branches of underwater playgrounds,
Mom leads her calves
through a watery wonderland
teeming with life. 
Playful, gentle creatures,
sea cows know
the health of their water
by the diversity of its life.
Challenge: write a poem about a struggle. 

Trenches and Summits

A world of drugs – of heroin and meth
Led my firstborn child down a dark road of death
Her journey began with the birth of her son
Her sleepy glazed smiles fooled everyone
We saw a proud mother adoring her child
Not knowing she had painkillers stockpiled 
Doctors whose orders seem helpful and kind
Can be the start of a helpless decline 
Addiction abducted with needling claws
The kind that gives mothers a new prayerful cause
But as walls kept on crumbling and tearing her down
Her family kept praying that she would be found
And God heard our prayers –
She landed in jail.
Her once healthy body was sallow and frail 
“I’m ready,” she said. “I want to get well.”
“We know,” we assured her, “you’ve marched straight through hell.” 
And what’s happened since then is a miracle still
An addict recovering and seeking God’s will
She now works with others to steer and to guide To help those who need one like her by their side
The thing about trenches so treacherous and bleak
Is that they become summits that others will seek.

Challenge from Susie Morice: write a poem about a tradition or
Mornings on the Funny Farm with Boo Radley

Lick the corner of Mom’s right eye to wake her up.
It’s time to go out! 
Jump down off the bed,
Shake, and click toenails all the way to the front door. Turn 20 circles while she walks to the door. 
Wait for brother Fitz to pee on the gardenia bush. Sniff around. 
Pee on top of his pee to be the Funny Farm Territory King.
Run inside and beg Mom for a cheese bite. 
Watch while she packs sandwiches.
She drops pieces of ham every time. 
Run to the bathroom when Dad’s shower water goes off: time for blue jeans pants leg tug of war. 
Lick my chops so he’ll fill my people cup with fresh water.
Drink it down so Fitz doesn’t get as much. 
Dig the red ball out of my toybox and growl at Mom. Run from her when she tries to take it. 
Wait around the corner with my front legs guarding the ball on the floor, my white wagging tail straight up in the air. 
Growl again and wait for her to move a muscle. Take ball, run, and jump on the bed. 
Listen for the crinkly cracker wrapper.
Run to the kitchen for breakfast with Dad: graham crackers and yogurt.  
Try to get more than Fitz.
Every. Single. Day.
Peek around the corner for a wet towel or stray sock to steal. 
Rummage through Mom’s closet to chew tissues or receipts from totes. 
Blame it all on Fitz. 
Listen for keys. 
They’re leaving for work! 
Dentastix time. 
Push Fitz off couch to be first in line. 
Listen to the “You Boys Behave Today!”
Every. Single. Day. 
“No pooping on the floor. 
Guard the house. 
No barking at the deer and squirrels. 
No chewing shoes. 
We’ll check in on the camera at lunch and say hello. 
You boys behave.”
Watch the cars go down the driveway. 
Look for a place to poop on the floor 
so I can blame it on Fitz. 
Take a nap. 
Bark at squirrels and deer. 
Chew Dad’s slippers. 
Howl LOUDLY at the camera because I love them more than Fitz does. 
Sit by the window and be a better watchdog than Fitz. 
Reflect on all the ways I take care of these two people I rescued…..