Van Gogh, Atlanta


Van Gogh, Atlanta

Immersive art exhibit 

Inside a painting 

Choose space on the floor 

Watch Vincent’s paintings emerge

On the room canvas

Spectacular lights

Bold, vivid color palette

He was color blind??

Gaze up: Starry Night 

Skeleton skull, cigarette

smokes through eye sockets

The Mulberry Tree,

A Field of Yellow Flowers,

Daubigny’s Garden

Flowerpot with Chives,

Fisherman’s Wife on the Beach,

Farmhouse Among Trees

Sunflowers, Two Crabs

Farmers Planting Potatoes

Potato Eaters

Poppies, Irises,

Enclosed Field with Rising Sun

Field with Two Rabbits

Last? Wheat Field with Crows 

Wheat field represents turmoil

Suicide sadness

Resurrection: crows

Harbingers of pain and death

His depression won 

And about that ear:

Failure with women caused this?

So he lent an ear?

Sealed in envelope

and delivered to brothel 

Was it even signed? 

Much to consider

in the chaotic beauty 

of Vincent Van Gogh

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