Savoring the Moment


Savoring the Moment

Fresh-ground coffee brewing, 

        plooking into the pot~

             aromatic vapors swirling 

Warm cinnamon rolls beckoning 

        breakfasters, gooey glazed globs

              awakening appetites 

Saturday morning, bare feet plunking

        down the stairs, ticky-toe

              terriers in tow… 

Pajama plans for a rainy autumn

        morning: listening to pelting drops,

              feeling the hygge of home

Four Schnauzer brows, eyes locked 

   on the glazed globs, inviting 

       bedheads to their #guiltparty


      a polite paw reminder


          …then a second notice  

               these two working in tandem 


      teaming up to score a bite 


                       before a cozy lap nap


One Reply to “Savoring the Moment”

  1. Kim, my goodness! Are you writing a poem a day all summer long!? This is so fun. I can see Boo and Fitz working the crowd for a bite. I love this line: “feeling the hygge of home” It was here that I first learned what hygge meant. Lovely!


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