Prime Time Modern Sonnet


Prime Time Modern Sonnet 

(Read in Landscape view for line formatting)

swirls of the whirlpools of kayak paddles

propelling a vessel across a lake

sit-in or sit-on and body-straddle

the ripply-rocking of speed-boaters’ wake

snake-tonguish flames licking marshmallow s’mores 

strobe-lighting delight in partakers’ eyes 

campfires, fireflies, and twilights outdoors 

stoking and kindling what money can’t buy

soul-resting lulls of hammocks in shade trees

cradling comfort for peace-seeking minds

stress disappears like feathers on breezes 

deep, restful napping the spirit soon finds

savoring moments and seeking life’s prime

love is the depth of the ways we spend time 

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