Nature’s Flashlight


Nature’s Flashlight 

In springtime moonlight
the neap tides rise, salt marshes
tucked tightly in bed 

In summer moonlight 
barefoot lovers’ silhouettes
hold hands on the shore 

In autumn moonlight 
candy-seeking sheet ghosts glide
jack-o-lanterns glow

But winter moonlight 
holds the best magic of all:
a tiny red nose 

The Freeloading Leech

The Freeloading Leech 

hypothyroidism thinks she’s my boss

she’s parked all crooked in a long black hearse 

but she ain’t nothin’ but an albatross 

if I could evict her, I’d see weight loss she’s living rent-free while I’m unreimbursed 

hypothyroidism thinks she’s my boss 

if she’d signed a lease, her ass out I’d toss

she’s a freeloading leech: a needy curse 

yeah, she ain’t nothin’ but an albatross 

she struts around me like she’s awesome sauce

she thinks that I think things couldn’t be worse

hypothyroidism thinks she’s my boss

like toxic beggar lice, she comes across

she sticks far too close, her attitude terse

but she ain’t nothin’ but an albatross

unlike her, I feel joyful – seldom cross –

‘cause I’ve got friends who’ll gang up in verse

hypothyroidism thinks she’s my boss

but she ain’t nothin’ but an albatross 

Golden Rule Witching Wand


I took four lines from yesterday’s poets (Margaret Simon, Jennifer Jowett, Allison Berryhill, and Susie Morice) to arrange them vertically and wrote a quadruple today. I have a link to a previous time I attempted this as well, with directions on how I like to vary the golden shovel form:

The Golden Rule Witching Wand 

you giggled from morning sun to stars at twilight 

could our connecting heart threads make us wish for more soul tickling? 

trust the heart, once we know one’s worrisome shadows! 

me? I have lost fear over circumstances I stretched 

to summits, walked unscathed far away and shall long 

keep laughter from becoming tears. Will I allow the 

a in (a) (one) (me) (I) to lead the change? the optimistic 

thing about kinship stitchery is it likeness to golden rule witching

alive to truth, we toss aside the madness and wave the healing wand 

A Dinghy Decima

Inspired by Mo Daley to write a decima, a form with ten lines, 8 syllables per line, rhyme scheme ABBAACCDCC on any chosen topic 

A Dinghy Decima

calming lake winds whisper my name 

my heart strings pull toward the shore 

such beckoning I can’t ignore 

(wild inner spirit all but tame)

when gypsy sirens lured, I came 

blue flowered kayak- Hippie Soul

and picnic cooler for the shoal

a backward launch to self propel 

a tranquil paddle my day’s goal

as nature’s virtues I extol

Kim’s Royal Meadow


Kim’s Royal Meadow 

Kimberly Lynn Haynes 

Royal fortress meadow-sent 

Haiku beginning

Name given at birth

Twice changed: Meyer and Johnson

Dark night and daybreak 

Titles given, earned 

Miss, Mrs., Ms., Dr. J

Proud ex-wife, proud wife 

sister, mom, nana

Traveler, reader, writer 

pen is my scepter 

Crown: white daisy chain 

My glass slippers: Birkenstocks

Tie-dyed ball gown queen

My meadow kingdom ~

one big hippie Woodstock realm

Take my hand! Step in…..

Camp Day


Camp Day

camp day power nap

loading up is exhausting! 

let the snooze begin! 



Back to bed today

Feeling fatigued and lazy

Snuggling with the dogs 


 Having bloodwork done

Fasting, now dehydrated.

Good luck with my veins