Everything Around You Blitz


Everything Around You Blitz

Everything around you is 

everything state park pure 

pure bliss 

pure nature 

nature lovers 

nature walk 

walk on clouds 

walk on air 

air conditioner 

air quality 

quality of life 

quality time 

time to think 

time to breathe 

breathe out 

breathe in 

in sync

in step 

step up 

step out 

out of sight 

out of mind 

mind bending 

mind blowing 

blowing bubbles 

blowing winds 

winds of time 

winds of change 

change of seasons 

change of heart 

heart rate 

heart beat 

beat the heat 

beat the clock 

clock hours 

clock days 

days of yore 

days of old 

old timer 

old oak 

oak moss 

oak tree 

tree limbs 

tree leaves 

leaves fall 

leaves flutter

flutter weighlessly

flutter carelessly



Georgia State Park Golden Shovel


A Georgia State Park Golden Shovel Poem

drop everything

turn yourself around 

nature beckons you 

to go where the air is

fresh, sweet, pure….

everything around you is magic 

breathe in 

and feel the sensation of 

sunny day in Georgia

in a sweeping-the-clouds-away state 

of mind in a teeming-green-with-life park

Mother Nature’s Fashion Show: A Sonnet in Iambic Pentameter


Mother Nature’s Fashion Show: a Georgia State Park Sonnet in Iambic Pentameter 

a Georgia State Park is the place to go 

when everything around you falls apart 

as Mother Nature throws a fashion show 

just pack your things and head out to a park 

when everything around you causes stress 

breathe deeply and choose self-care: go unwind 

Miss Scenic View is zipping up her dress 

she beckons you to leave the world behind 

park runways boast resplendent beauty queens 

who dance and sway to summer’s

breezy tunes 

tall oaks and pines in gowns of forest green 

will readjust your pulse to normal soon 

when everything around you is fresh air 

breathe deeply – feel the healing magic there!