Shot in the Dark Logic


Shot in the Dark Logic Nonet

“The government is out to track me,” 

the non-vaxxer contends, gulping

down a glass of milk approved

safe by the Food and Drug 


“…but I’ll show them,”

this genius

tells his


“God will protect me-I don’t need shots,”

an ignorant Christian preaches, 

cleaning his assault rifle,

exercising his full

second amendment

right to bear arms

yet won’t bare

the right


“The scriptures don’t allow the vaccine,”

she with freshly-shaved legs reasons,

swallowing her birth control 

pill and applying 

makeup over

pork sausage



“Let everyone else get it – not me,”

the statistician concludes as

he hands the clerk a twenty…

“My lucky Powerball’s

gonna win tonight,”

he announces,


in the


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