Slice of Life Challenge – March 25 – Savoring Saturdays in Pine Mountain, Georgia at F.D. Roosevelt State Park

We savored last Saturday, March 18, in Pine Mountain, Georgia on F. D. Roosevelt State Park Campground. Here’s a slice of our day, in pictures.

There’s something amazing about this door. It feels like a time warp. I think it weighs 500 pounds.
Rock buildings in the mountains on a cold morning give me a feeling of belonging.
Here we are!
We were looking for a coffee shop and found history.
Simply a delicious breakfast. The muscadine muffin was off the chain.
The windows overlooked the valley below. Gorgeous spot to start the day.
We took the boys on a short walk down the trail.
They enjoyed all the new smells and looking over ledges.
Boo Radley found a slice of sunshine after his long walk.
Ollie sunk down into the comfort of the bed for a nap. We love camping!

2 Replies to “Slice of Life Challenge – March 25 – Savoring Saturdays in Pine Mountain, Georgia at F.D. Roosevelt State Park”

  1. Kim, I have a sense of stepping back in time myself with this post. The heavy door captivates me – what stories it might spark! I think I would love this place and DEFINITELY that muscadine muffin. There’s a place on the way to the beach from here where scuppernong pie is on the menu – it’s a goal of mine to stop and buy one, for those grapes in the muscadine family are my favorite fruit. Your camping adventure feels invigorating and relaxing – love those sun-dappled good boys.

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    1. Thank you, Fran! Yes, doors have been a topic of our conversation today. We had breakfast in a place in Winder, Georgia that had an old lamppost light, and it reminded me of Narnia. We talked about doors as portals to other worlds. Thanks for reading today – – twice. I accidentally scheduled two posts for the same day. Ha! I’d love that scuppernong pie too with a cup of coffee and a warm fireplace.

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