#VerseLove April 21 – with Darius Phelps

Darius Phelps of New York is our host today for Day 21 of #VerseLove at http://www.ethicalela.com, inspiring us to write poems of grief or disillusionment. You can read more about Darius and read his full prompt here. He mentions that the ancient Chinese believed that by burning the house down when relatives died, it would send the house to the place where they were so they could have their homes beyond this life. I reflected for a while on that idea this morning, even chuckling about the Calgon laundry whitener that I remember commercials for as a child – – an Asian actor would come into the frame holding a box, saying, “Ancient Chinese Secret” when someone wondered about how the clothes got so clean. I think the ancient Chinese had a lot of things right. Come join us and read today’s poems.

Up in Flames ^ Choose One: House or Legacy? ^

those ancient Chinese

had it right: burn the house down!

strike up the torch flame!

better the house go 

up in smoke than the siblings

killing each other

who gets the dwelling?

who gets the crystal timepiece?

who "gets" anything?

executor’s call:

who gets to make decisions?

who denies morphine?

which one plans all meals?

oh, but NO SUGAR, stage 4

cancer patient fat?!?

what is this fresh hell??

give Mom a damn M&M!

stop controlling LIFE!

inheritance sucks

some get fortunes, some get F(ORK$#)

who "gets" anything??!

those ancient Chinese

had it right: strike the match and

walk in peace from fire

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