#VerseLove April 20 – Dual Ekphrastic Poems with Katrina Morrison

Katrina Morrison of Tulsa, Oklahoma is our host today for Day 20 of #VerseLove at http://www.ethicalela.com. She invites us to write poems about our favorite places to look and think as we write. You can read her full prompt here, along with the poems of others. I write in the early mornings in my comfy chair in the living room, but it’s not my favorite place to write – – my favorite place is in my camper in the wee hours of the morning, long before the sun rises, with dogs piled on both sides of me and in my lap (we call them our “dog chocks” because they lock us in just like tire chocks keep the camper from rolling away). Without the deadlines and chores of being at home, time to write is savored at a campsite.

The Max: Minimalistic Writing

a Lagun table
swings sideways, allowing me
access to my seat

in the Little Guy
Max camper, my favorite
space to look and think

my back to the door
windows cracked just a smidgen
ushering fresh air

hot coffee gurgling 
welcoming familiar words
I had forgotten

perspective sharpens
moments come into focus
small spaces do that

a simple teardrop
uncluttered necessities
essentials only

less is truly more
dogs, Chromebook, gray throw blanket
wrapping “4” writers

strumming my fingers
on the ridges of my cup
words percolating

ideas swirl like steam
materializing just
above the cup rim

playing hide and seek
Marco Polo swimming words
….slippery words, caught! 
2 of our 3 boys (on our throw blanket) who like to help me write

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