#VerseLove April 19 – with Stefani Boutelier

Our host today at http://www.ethicalela.com for Day 19 of #VerseLove is Dr. Stefani Boutelier of Michigan, who invites us to write a poem without a title and invite others to give the poem a title. You can read her full prompt, along with the poems of others, here.

Today, I've written a riddle-type poem (Haiku two lines short of a Haiku sonnet), open-ended, to invite readers to title this poem AND to add two seven-syllable lines to the end to make it a true Haiku sonnet if you wish.  I'll add my title after the photo at the bottom so you can see what my initial title was.  It's subject to change :). 

never have I met

anyone who on first taste 

liked its bitterness

sipping piping hot

aromatic wakefulness

swallowing its truth

ah, but sip by sip

its addiction is for real~

can’t live without it!
A lavender latte from my local coffee shop, where I’ll be reading poetry tonight – YAAAY!
A book of poetry

The title I initially landed on was Coffee and Poetry – original, I know! Perhaps you can figure out a better title for this poem! Leave ideas in the comments, please.

One Reply to “#VerseLove April 19 – with Stefani Boutelier”

  1. Kim, your first haiku I was still wondering about what it was, but the second is unmistakable. Such images–“piping hot” and the magical phrase: “aromatic wakefulness” Beautiful! I also like how you added an extra space before the last line, which may be a good title: “Can’t Live Without It” However, there isn’t a better one than “Coffee and Poetry,” I’m sure.

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