#VerseLove April 15 – with Allison Berryhill

Allison Berryhill of Iowa is our host today for Day 15 of #VerseLove at http://www.ethicalela.com. She inspires us to write poems about what we missed, or what could have been. You can read her full prompt here.

What You Missed

what you missed
you’d have never seen anyway

the way he looks like his mother
the way he casts his line
the way he asks with concern
the way he answers with passion
the way he doesn’t miss a beat
the way he marches to his own
the way he loves animals like Mimi did
the way he rescues turtles
the way he named his baby duck Steve
the way he knows departure
the way he feels betrayal
the way he talks all scholarly
the way he tells books start to finish
the way he hugs his cousins
the way he thinks in waves of blue
the way he ponders nothing new under the sun
the way he sees the world
the way he doesn’t see the world

five years from now 
he’ll carry fewer memories of you
because you were absent
    off praying for all the others
      at a ballpark
       again forgetting your own
that depth finder could see fish
   but will never show the depth of 
what you missed

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