#VerseLove April 14 – with Margaret Simon

Today’s host for Day 14 of VerseLove at http://www.ethicalela.com is Margaret Simon of Louisiana, who invites us to write free verse poetry. I had a burst of brightness this week, so I’m capturing that moment this morning.

Disco Fever

I opened my eyes
to a disco joint
missing the music 
clearly needing The Bee Gees
or Yvonne Elliman 
or the greatest ever: Abba

hundreds of tiny sunbeams
scattering light rays
in all directions
the kinds of rays
I could reach out and touch, 
measure with a ruler 
their armlengths’ reach
changing refractions

wondering how I would get home
in this overpowering light
too much, really
so much it hurt 

I squinted, tilted my face up 
propped my head on the backrest
closed my eyes
and sat silently
thinking, pondering

“Do you have sunglasses?” 
a voice asked

I do

“You’re gonna need ‘em,” she assured me. “I have some if you can’t find yours.” 

I reached in, fumbled blindly 
through my backpack
fingers searching feverishly



I put on these disco glasses,
ready to face the music

when I stepped out 
into the bright sunlight
from the darkness 
of the eye doctor’s office, 
eyes dilated from the exam, 
I had only two things on my mind:
John Travolta and a ride home

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