Lines In My Prime – Day 11 of #VerseLove with Erica Johnson

I enjoy the structure of short syllabic forms of poetry, so I was thrilled with today’s VerseLove prompt using prime numbers from Erica Johnson at on this 11th day of the writing challenge. I found a unique book in my mailbox yesterday from my writing sisterfriend Fran Haley from North Carolina, and it inspired today’s poem. We are both watching eggs ready to hatch any day now. I used a partial borrowed line from a poem in the book entitled Memory Garden (in bold) for today’s writing that includes prime numbers of syllables in ascending line order (2,3,5,7,9,11,13….) and I added an ending line of 3.

Feathered Friends

Language of the Birds
cherished gift in my mailbox 
from a sisterly friend sharing peace and warmth 
grass withers, flowers fade, but books live on forever 
like friendship

18 Replies to “Lines In My Prime – Day 11 of #VerseLove with Erica Johnson”

  1. Kim,
    What a lovely and inspiring gift. Fran will be thrilled when she sees your poem and photo. This is how we honor and cherish friendship. My favorite line is “ grass withers, flowers fade, but books live on forever.” Lovely!

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  2. I love the idea of a unique gift waiting for you in your mailbox! Since I was a kid, I have always loved getting the mail, even though usually it’s not very exciting. But you just never know. Every once in a while, there is something wonderful!

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  3. The gift of friendship, like books, offers us hope as hopeful as the eggs you nurture. Fran is such a dear poet friend. Have you two ever met face to face? I think we need an Ethical ELA Zoom at the end of April to see each other and celebrate!

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    1. Margaret, that sounds like a fabulous idea! I love getting together to chat and check in. Fran and I have never met face to face but have much in common, including the name of a small town in both Georgia and North Carolina – Zebulon! I enjoy seeing you and all the writing friends whether by Zoom or sharing Ubers on the other side of the country :). We won’t forget that night, will we?

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    1. Indeed, Rita, I have bee paring down some books lately, but those that were gifts, even from long ago, stay with me – – I love rereading them, and I particularly enjoy reading books recommended by others who found them delightful.


  4. Aww, Kim! I thought of you as soon as I read these beautiful, beautiful poems. Sisterfriends we are, and writing led the way. Bird language calls to us – and oh, this photo of the nest with eggs! The finches in the wreath here have five eggs – ! I expect hatchings to start this weekend. The quote and your lines here braid the sweet grass and wildflowers into a shared, living garland – nature’s own special crown. Books do live on, like friendships built on love of birds and words! I celebrate these today, alongside you!

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    1. Thank you, Fran! I’m excited about the finches and pulling for healthy baby birds with no disease or sickness. I’m checking my bluebird eggs and the nuthatch babies each day – they bring such joy….and hope! What sweet comments you shared today – I’m reading the poems slowly, enjoying Amy’s style and thought process. She is a deep thinker, and I like the cognitive energy that exudes from each page.

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    1. Aww, thank you, Paul – – and I love reading your blog posts too! Your cooking and your attention to detail inspires me. I like that you like a lot of quiet solitude and you value greatly the time you share with others- I do, too. I think we tend to gravitate to many of the same things – – and that’s where we make such strong writerly connections. Interests are so powerful in forming relationships, and that is what I love so much about our blogging community – is being able to share the wonder of things that we all find joy in doing! Thanks so much for reading and bringing such positivity!


  5. Kim, I love the photo of the book you received. What a wonderful gift to have arrive in your mailbox. “Like friendship” is a great ending.

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