#VerseLove April 12 – A Poet Like Me with Anna Roseboro

Anna Roseboro is our host at http://www.ethicalela.com today for Day 12 of #VerseLove, inspiring us to find our birth poets. I loved her nod to a line from Gorman in her own poem today – we must be the light. And I’m rather convinced that’s the only way to change the world. I found Angela Williams, who wrote the poem Almost Savages – born in northern Michigan – and born on the same day and same year as I. I chose to write a Golden Shovel with this striking line: small fish will scatter away from my steps.

Anna Shines the Light 

Here’s to you, Anna Small 
Roseboro! Words glimmer like tiny fish 
in your sunlight as each of us will 
put pen to paper, fingers to keys, scatter 
in all directions far and away 
searching, learning, writing from 
the heart of our birth poets- my 
same-day-and-year poet and I shared first steps

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