#VerseLove April 9 – Breaking the Rules with Wendy Everand

Wendy Everand of New York is our host today for Day 9 of the #VerseLove challenge this month as we celebrate National Poetry Month. She invites us to break all the rules or share of a time we broke a rule in her prompt, which you can read here. It’s Easter. I’m breaking every diet rule I can break today, so I’m just going to go ahead and turn myself in. I’m guilty, and the day has barely begun. Happy Easter, everyone!

Homemade lemon ice cream with grated lemon zest ~ like a glorious Easter sunrise! Zoom in!
living with grater purpose

optavia rules
say there’s no eating ice cream
(i sho’ ain’t liss’nin)

i might gain ten pounds
who cares? it’s easter sunday
it’s lemon. homemade. 

special recipe
made with three ingredients ~
sugar, whipping cream

and meyer lemons
fran haley’s shared recipe
from a march blog post

today’s about life~
churn a zesty slice of life!
awaken senses!

glorious easter
calls for celebrating life
with grater purpose

If you’d like the recipe for the grate-est lemon ice cream ever, you can find it on Fran’s blog post here. Warning, though: you will not want store-bought ice cream ever again.

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