#VerseLove April 8 – Something You Should Know Poems with Emily Yamasaki

Today at http://www.ethicalela.com, Emily Yamasaki is our host for Day 8 of #VerseLove. She invites us to write Something You Should Know poems in the style of the great Clint Smith. You can read her full prompt and poem here.

Note to readers:  try this one!  I just rambled. Sometimes I use a Sarah Donovan strategy I learned several years ago: just write for 10 or 15 minutes and see what you get.  Don't worry about editing or word choice or anything - just draft.  That’s what I did today.  Please come write with us!

Something You Should Know 

is that I only moved my lips when Mrs. Flexer
    played Living For Jesus all those Sundays
       in the big group before small group
          because I can’t sing except with 
                my heart

and that I just acquired the old oak secretariat that
    has been in my parents’ home since I was
       a baby in Kentucky along with the old red
          milk can for my porch, but back to the
            secretariat: I love that it shares
               the name with the greatest horse
                 who had to win in Kentucky first
                   to win the Triple Crown

and that as a child I was mesmerized by Harold Monro’s
   poem Overheard on a Salt Marsh 
     from Childcraft Volume 1 Poems and Rhymes
       with the nymph in the green dress
         and it’s framed by my bed today because
           I’m still mesmerized by it

and that I savor Saturdays with morning coffee
    and good conversation
       and that I love plants but can’t grow them
         because they all die except Leafy Jean and 
           Leon Russell, who are thriving on the front porch
and that I have four bluebird eggs in one birdhouse
    and baby Carolina Wrens in my garage 
       up over the garage door apparatus
         and Brown-Headed Nuthatch hatchlings in another birdhouse
          and fledgling cardinals in my Yellow Jasmine vines
and a nest under the porch eave
            and I saw an eagle a week ago

and that all three of my Schnoodles have literary names
   Boo Radley for obvious reasons
     Fitz because of, you know, the party animal F. Scott
       and Ollie for my favorite poet Mary Oliver

and that I blog daily and call all my writing group  
    people my friends
      including you.
Ollie, all tucked in while camping
Fitz, a true party animal
Boo Radley, who recently lost his beard for running through the pasture and getting matted with field spurs

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