#VerseLove April 7 – with Denise Krebs

Denise Krebs of California is our host today for #VerseLove, inspiring to write poems about death. You can read her full prompt here. I think of the death of Jesus on the cross today, the resurrection, and promise of eternal life for believers. For me.

But in my travels on Wednesday up in North Georgia, I saw the strangest thing. And that is what I share today. I can’t get it out of my mind, can’t unsee and unwonder. And so I write.

Plummeting Chicken Death

three dead chickens lay
on I-75 South
in North Georgia rain

feathers everywhere
chicken carcasses strewn out
like castoff garments

how did this happen?
there were no farmlands nearby
no livestock, no barns

kicked into full gear – these hens
(I presumed) died fast

all the better, really
maybe a poultry truck door 
swung open, flinging

these ladies groundward
to the hard concrete below
…or maybe they jumped 

thought they could still fly
then realized the truth too late
as cars tried to swerve

most not successful
they’re all three dead, either way
these interstate hens 

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