Slice of Life Challenge – March 26- Savoring Saturdays

In January, members of my family and I became intentional about savoring Saturdays with coffee and things we enjoy. We’ve developed a whole new affinity for coffee shop culture – the aromas, all the coffee blend options, the food offerings, the buzz of conversation, the lingering togetherness and our own coversations percolating on the day’s possibilities.

I’ve recently downloaded the Roadtrippers app and saw right away that it was worth the upgrade from the free version to Roadtrippers Plus. Now I can locate coffee shops on the road trips we plan and add them as waypoints to our destination for any of the day trips we plan. So when we set out for St. Simons Island, Georgia on a recent weekend, I filtered the app to show me all the coffee shops along our chosen route.

Queen Bee Coffee in Forsyth, Georgia off I-75 seemed like just what we would enjoy. It was right on our way, and it opened about the time we’d be at its place on the map. We parallel parked on the street and went inside. The sign on the steps assured us we were in the right place. We chuckled, veering a hard left.

Inside, we chose a couch with a coffee table. We sunk into the comfort of both cup and couch and noticed the place – the way it appealed to all five senses and awakened us to this new place!

Yesterday, we spent the day in Winder, Georgia and had coffee at La Gabrielle, a little cafe with a European vibe. I fell in love with the light fixtures! My husband said they reminded him of the television show Bewitched.

I checked my Roadside America app to see if there was anything of significance nearby, and found that either the shortest or the second shortest road in the United States (shortest in Georgia for sure) with a traffic light was a mile and a half from our coffee shop. So we checked it out. It’s basically a named street in the middle of other streets, and one and a half cars can fit on it at once. John Bowen Way.

Been there, done that.

And that’s the way we love spending Saturdays – whether we are on the road, at a campsite, at home, or out of town on business, we enjoy coffee to start the day and something to pique our interest afterward. Even if it’s a short little road right in the middle of everywhere.

Savoring Saturdays has quickly become a self-care habit, woven into the tapestry of our weekends.

22 Replies to “Slice of Life Challenge – March 26- Savoring Saturdays”

  1. I love that you and your family are intentional about spending your time. Coffee shop culture is such a fun way to do that! I love this line…”our own conversations percolating on the day’s possibilities.” Great way to weave in the coffee connection!

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  2. Kim,
    Aw, the coffee shop looks lovely. I want to peruse those shelves. I, too, love those quirky stops like visiting the shortest street. When you come to Idaho you can visit the longest main street in the U.S. It’s in Island Park up by West Yelliwstone.

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  3. Kim, good for you! I have enjoyed your savoring Saturday posts. The RA Plus apps seems like a treasure. The two coffee shops you feature are lovely. We always love trying out new coffee shops when we travel, and my husband is wishing we had a wonderful one here in our town. He’s a coffee connoisseur and hasn’t been happy with any of them. For me, everyone around here makes a good London Fog or chai latte, so I’m good anywhere! Keep savoring those Saturdays!

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  4. What a wonderful tradition, to savor Saturdays! Neither my husband not I drink coffee, but I still love the smell and feel of a unique coffee shop. (And I can always be tempted by some other treat, yes?) I love the pictures you included – I’ve been to each of these places in Georgia, though not the coffee shops. Tony is from Powder Springs, Georgia; we have many family in the state. I’m going to surprise him with my knowledge about the “shortest street with a traffic light,” lol! Thanks, Kim.

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  5. Love, love this idea of savoring Saturdays with coffee shops and local trivia! Your husband’s comment about the Bewitched light fixtures cracked me up. I so remember! What I love best of all (besides the self-care) is soaking up the spirit of place, maybe getting a sense of its role in stories…and that warning about measuring roads being a calamity waiting to happen is hysterical!

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