Slice of Life Challenge – March 7 – All the Magic of Leopold’s Ice Cream in Savannah, Georgia

There is always a (fast-moving) line at this iconic ice cream shop in Savannah, Georgia! It’s worth the wait!

If you’ve ever been to Savannah, Georgia and looked at a list of the top 10 things to do in the historic Georgia city with Spanish Moss draping the Live Oak trees and horse-carriage tours going on from morning until night, then you know that visiting Leopold’s Ice Cream is at the top of the list! Or perhaps you have walked past not already knowing its fame and magic and noticed the perpetual line stretching down East Broughton Street across from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Leopold’s has a unique history, dating back to 1919, when 3 brothers from Greece opened the shop. The place is still an iconic ice cream parlor today, the kind with the classic round tables that make you want to share a banana split or an ice cream float with your sweetheart. The kind of place that brings back memories to every generation alive today and promises continuing traditions for the youngest children.

Saylor holds onto her hat, thinking of what flavor she wants to try!

Every time we travel to Savannah, we make a visit to Leopold’s a priority. When I was recently in Savannah for a Literacy conference, I had the privilege of introducing four of my five grandchildren to all the delights of Leopold’s!

So many choices! Just ordering the ice cream is a unique experience!

When you first enter the shop, you see the servers in their white caps and burgundy aprons, ready to serve you what you probably already know you want – or, to give you a taste of what you think you might like to try before deciding for sure. When I saw the Rose Petal flavor, I decided to be adventurous and check its bloom factor. It tasted exactly like a rose smells, so I ordered a kids’ cup and savored the flavor of this refreshing treat made from actual edible roses.

River enjoys his honey and almond ice cream!

There’s a working old-time Jukebox over in the corner (see it behind River’s head in the picture?) that still plays songs for a mere quarter, and we listened to Chantilly Lace and The Bunny Hop as we ate our ice cream. The songs were made famous by locals or people who visited Georgia (the Johnny Mercer orchestra popularized The Bunny Hop, and the Johnny Mercer Theater is in downtown Savannah at the Civic Center).

Beckham shares his ice cream with his dad
My daughter-in-law Selena chose Strawberry Sorbet
Saylor waits on her peppermint crunch ice cream at the counter
I chose Rose Petal, and it was a unique taste explosion – – made from the essence of rose, it tasted exactly like a rose smells but oddly did not smell like a rose.
Wearing our Leopold’s shirts

Since I always bring home a surprise for my husband when he isn’t able to travel with me, I brought home matching Leopold’s t-shirts to help us remember one of our favorite places to sit and share one creamy confection with two spoons!

And we couldn’t leave out our grandchild who wasn’t able to go to Savannah for ice cream. We celebrated Aidan’s 13th birthday (belated by a week), and he chose Dairy Queen – – another classic ice cream joint!

Cheers for living life to the fullest ~ my hope is that no matter where you eat ice cream or drink coffee or amble along the path, you experience the magic in the moments!

Aidan enjoys a Hot Fudge Blizzard as a birthday dessert! He’s a teenager now!
From Left: Selena, Sawyer, Saylor, River, me, Marshall, and Beckham by the Shrimp Factory on Savannah’s River Street, February 27, 2023

17 Replies to “Slice of Life Challenge – March 7 – All the Magic of Leopold’s Ice Cream in Savannah, Georgia”

  1. Kim,
    My sister and I didn’t make it to Leopoldo’s when we visited Savannah in 2021. I’m not sure why, but maybe I need a return trip! I’m saddened when I think of all the iconic ice cream parlors what once dotted the landscape having been erased by corporate America’s homogenous paradigms. Places like Leopold’s bind us to people and place. I love that you shared this special place w/ your grandchildren and created a lasting memory together. Love the photos, too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s time to return. Come to Georgia and I’ll drive down to Savannah and meet you. My son lives on the marsh nearby, and he might take us on a kayaking adventure when the tide is just right – – and that is a unique experience with him (they see dolphins all the time)! There is SO much to do. A mini writing retreat of our own!

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  2. As a mother of 4, my favorite part of this post might be the last picture! You bring back nostalgic memories of navigating ice cream outings with small children, and the descriptions of the flavors are great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Navigating is a great word, Melanie! Life is always an adventure with these four littles, and you can’t see it just yet, but there is another grand due in July, and the lone girl has “ordered” a sister. They keep us on our toes for sure!


  3. Kim, I so enjoy reading your joyful posts and your photographs are always priceless. We have a new ice cream bar in town. I am putting this on my to-do list this week. Are your grandchildren from the same child or different children? I was curious about the one photograph in front of the Shrimp place. Daughter and son-in-law or Son and daughter-in-law. Either way, I can tell you are a wonderful grandmother!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Barb! I wish I lived closer to them so that I could see them more often. We are about 4 hours apart by car. The grandson at Dairy Queen is one of my two daughter’s son, and the four children (and one on the way) in front of the Shrimp Factory sign are my son’s children, and my daughter in law is delightful – – I love her so much! She’s a homeschool mom and does such an amazing job with them! Thanks for asking about them!

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  4. Yum! I want ice cream now! I’ve been to savannah once a long time ago but never to this ice cream place. My aunt lives there so if I ever go back for a visit, I’ll have to ask her to take me! Sounds wonderful. I love ice cream places like this 🙂
    Also love me some dairy queen, so that works too!

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  5. Oh, Kim, the details in your writing make me smile. The grandchildren are so precious and loved; the love comes through in your post. People are always central for you. You love Leopold’s because it is a place to be in love, to bless people, to be with people. The ice cream is just an added bonus! (And I learned to love rose flavored anything when I lived in Bahrain.)

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    1. Thank you, Denise! Yes, it is the company and the together time that is the big draw for me. You know me well….I do love spending time with people. I think I would love the rose foods of Bahrain. That was a really satisfying flavor. I could have eaten the whole tub.


  6. A lovely time at Leopold’s is captured in your slice. I bet the grandkids loved it! I haven’t seen that kind of juke box in ages!
    I can’t eat ice cream anymore, which saddens me. I have only once found a place that made vegan ice cream – the first cone I’ve had in ten years. It was amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved that jukebox. It was so unique, and it was in great shape! We don’t all eat ice cream in our crew, either – – sorbet and sherbet are on the menu for those with sensitive stomachs in our family. I’ll bet finding the vegan ice cream WAS amazing! I also have to be careful with dairy – – especially first thing in the morning :).

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