Saturday Savoring ~ Strolling Senoia’s Streets and Shops

Senoia, Georgia. Most people know it as the town made famous by The Walking Dead. On any given night, you can have dinner in Nic & Norman’s on Main Street and perhaps see Neagan having dinner with a friend. That’s what happened to us, only as a non-watcher, I didn’t recognize all the fame seated at the table right next to me until my stepson enlightened me. Plenty of movies have been filmed here, and the titles line the brick sidewalks in brass plaques.

If you were hungry for Shepherd’s Pie, you could eat at Maguire’s, the sort-of-underground Irish Pub where Drop Dead Diva was filmed – and bask in the soft comfort of the green velvet chairs in front of the fireplace while you wait. Their Monte Cristo is a tasty favorite, too.

My sister in law and I went over on a recent Saturday morning to enjoy coffee and breakfast at the Senoia Coffee and Cafe before strolling the shops lining Main Street. She ordered the quiche and a latte, and I had black coffee with a shot of sugar-free vanilla syrup and a splash of light almond milk. Without deadlines or time frames, conversations are a great way to start a relaxing weekend!

It’s fun to wear sunglasses in a movie town. People wonder.
The food and beverage selections all look delicious!
My sister in law had the broccoli and cheese quiche.

When we left the coffee shop, we ambled along the sidewalks and browsed in the specialty shops. In one, we noticed that all of the plants were named after African American women such as Cicely Tyson, Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Coretta Scott King, and others. It makes me want to name all 3 of my plants and put little name cards in their pots so I can talk to them as a person when I water them. I wish I had a more evolved green thumb.

No trip is complete without a visit to the local bookstore, so we found Book Love and spent some time perusing the new releases and the well-loved classics.

And when we were finally tired, we sat in a breezeway and people-watched for awhile before heading home. Saturdays are days to savor the aroma of coffee and the sweetness of unhurried time.

9 Replies to “Saturday Savoring ~ Strolling Senoia’s Streets and Shops”

  1. Thank you for visiting Senoia. I own a childrens boutique off Main Street. I began designing dresses during the pandemic and now started a clothing line. I’d love for you to visit sometime. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Senoia. Come back soon! 🙂

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    1. I will definitely be back. I love Senoia! Congratulations to you on following your dream and starting a clothing line. Despite all the downsides of Covid, there were many silver linings, and your designing and clothing line is one! Blessings to you, and thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.


  2. Thanks for including me on your Saturday journey. Yummy food choices, talk-time with a friend and a bookstore, too!! A perfect day for sure!! This is the 2nd recent story about naming plants. I’ve been thinking I want to get my new granddaughter a plant when I visit her next month…now I need to think of what to name it?!!

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  3. Kim, this is a lovely slice. I want to visit this little town. What a perfect name for a bookstore! I need to get out to surrounding towns more and savor local flavors. That will be a goal for March! Love the photos, too. You look Hollywood bound in those sunglasses!

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  4. My cousin (who is like a brother to me) lives in Senoia. They moved there during the pandemic so I haven’t been down to their house yet. I knew a bit about the town’s “Walking Dead” claim to fame, but you really brought it to life for me with this post!

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  5. I loved reading every bit of this delightful excursion, Kim, and truly savored the photographic journey – that quiche has my stomach growling! And once again, I find evidence that we are cut from the same piece of cloth: I do not have a very evolved green thumb, either. Alas. My grandmothers could grow ANYTHING. I marveled at this even as a child. I wonder if you will name your plants-? I’d love to read of your conversations with them, albeit one-sided! That would seem a very Kim kind of writing – extremely witty and most entertaining!

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