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I’ve been reading Lightning Paths by Kyle Vaughn and working through the daily writing exercises. Today’s prompt is to write a Prose Poem, which doesn’t contain line breaks and mixes qualities of poetry and prose. I’ve done both in today’s writing – going from prose poetry to a poem form in a process called Tumble Down poetry. I wrote this in February 2022 as I visited San Antonio, Texas with a new pair of shoes. Andy Schoenborn was the inspiration for this poem through the Open Write at

My shoe prose poem:

I traded my fifteen dollar clearance Merrills I wore through Europe in 2019 for a more stylish pair of On Clouds when I went to San Antonio, Texas in February. They came with a whole new odometer, set at zero steps, ready to count miles like a new car. My running shoes years back were easier to tally the 500 mile lifespan in training runs and races – these, not as easy. They’re my new traveling shoes. They have built-in air flow to let my feet breathe, and I can feel my breath-taken toes taking me to new places and enjoying the sights up through the mesh topscreens. Traveling shoes. There’s nothing like them for seeing the world.

Travelin’ Shoes

travelin’ shoes –

odometer pair, clocking moments

as breath-taken toes

carry me to new places

walking on clouds

to see the world together

just me and my

travelin’ shoes

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