Line By Line

I’ve been reading Lightning Paths by Kyle Vaughn and working through the daily writing exercises. Today’s prompt is a Line by Line poem, which follows a specific direction for each line. Here is the process:

Part 1
Line 1 - Describe the sky
Line 2 - write a sky simile
Line 3 - change your mind about the simile
Line 4 - describe something with a sound and smell
Line 5 - describe that same thing by how it feels to touch it
Line 6 - write a line about you and a field and the night
Line 7 - write a line telling how you feel with an image
Line 8 - using the line above as a starting point, compare this feeling/image to something
Line 9 - expand on this simile/metaphor/comparison
Line 10 - write a line using a horse, the moon, and the ocean
Line 11 - describe how it would feel to be in a fight (without using the word fight)
Line 12 - describe paralysis (without using the word move or paralyzed)
Line 13 - write a line using fire, a trumpet, and a wolf
Line 14 - write a line using imagery from a dream
Line 15 - what if that dream became a nightmare? How would the image change?
Line 16 - what woulds would you speak to the nightmare image?
Line 17 - what force would you have move through the nightmare image?
Line 18 - End with the sky, echoing what you did in the first line but modified.

Part 2 
Revise the results until the poem is the way you want it to be. 


through the stargazer window of my Little Guy Max, lit
like a Christmas tree in the Heavens
twinkling, but without strings and colors
cloved oranges hanging on boughs
smooth and scratchy
moving through the darkened countryside fields, 
bursts of icy wind piercing my lungs
a jolt of cold with sharp barbed edges
under a full moon high tide with a Royal Lipizzaner Stallion
resisting the undercurrent of sleep
completely still, mesmerized 
a wolf struts across glowing embers to a jazz trumpet 
technicolor dream animation coming to life
in vivid imagery - chasing Grandmother, with the big teeth
Grandmother, what big feet you have!
Run, run through the night sky, Grandmother! Laser-fast!
illuminate the night sky with meteor speed ~ your stargazing girl keeps watch!

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