VerseLove Day 14 of 30

Our host today for VerseLove at is Andy Schoenborn, who inspires us to write Tumble Down Poetry by writing first a paragraph about shoes in prose, and then….

“Once your paragraph is written, look for naturally occurring repetition, alliteration, striking images, and moments of emphasis fit for enjambments. 

Then play with the structure and form as a poem tumbles down the page.”

My shoe paragraph:

I traded my fifteen dollar clearance Merrills I wore through Europe in 2019 for a more stylish pair of On Clouds when I went to San Antonio, Texas in February. They came with a whole new odometer, set at zero steps, ready to count miles like a new car. My running shoes years back were easier to tally the 500 mile lifespan in training runs and races – these, not as easy. They’re my new traveling shoes. They have built-in air flow to let my feet breathe, and I can feel my breath-taken toes taking me to new places and enjoying the sights up through the mesh topscreens. Traveling shoes. There’s nothing like them for seeing the world.

Travelin’ Shoes

travelin’ shoes –

odometer pair, clocking moments

as breath-taken toes

carry me to new places

walking on clouds

to see the world together

just me and my

travelin’ shoes

Joshua 9:13

These wineskins were new when we filled them, and behold, they have burst. And these garments and sandals of ours are worn out from the very long journey.”

3 Replies to “VerseLove Day 14 of 30”

  1. The poem gracefully stands on its own–and the use of the first line as a final refrain underscores artfully the word “world.” I am happy, however, that you include for us your original paragraph. I enjoy tracing the concepts back to your first thoughts. It is always a pleasure to read your posts.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading today! I am grateful for your encouragement and always inspired by new forms of poetry – – especially where shoes are concerned. The only thing in my closet that is ever a guaranteed fit at any given time….. 🙂

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