Wild Weekend Warriors

Wild Weekend Warriors

we get away some Fridays

exit town

my weekend travel warrior and I

two mid-century moderns

kindred spirits



lovers of wine

and food

……and silence

we leave the husbands 


and book a room

with stacks of magazines

piles of novels, anthologies, verse

journals, pens, laptops

two mysterious mavens, 


who raise eyebrows 

at split-bill/shared-key 


then hustle like honeymooners

to our hiatal haven:

a voluminous Vesuvius 

in the North Georgia mountains

erupting with 

the soul-renewing tranquility 

of words

of reflection

of inner growth

adventure vitamins 

of pages devoured

journeys, quests shared

ginko biloba

of stories spread across pages

with liberally flowing ink

like cinnamon pear preserves –

experiences, moments captured

so that when we are too old 

to travel

we can re-scale this mountain

we pack up our literary luggage

and return the shared key on Sundays-

allowing the raised-eyebrow wonderers

to be mind writers who

weave their own denouement

modeling perfectly

the language teacher’s strength and mantra:

“the reader writes the story”

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