Two Slightly Injured

The Brunswick News, December 1979

Two Slightly Injured

two slightly injured 

on Kings Way

at 7:32 this morning

on St. Simons Island 

in an accident 

Glynn County police searching 

for an elderly woman 

driving a white vehicle 


Thomas Desjean 

the drunk postal worker 

was passing 

in a T intersection 

when the white car 

pulled into his lane 

he then lost control of his vehicle 

and struck 

a 13-year-old girl 

Kimberly Lynn Haynes 

waiting on a school bus 

and then collided 

with a tree 

the Haynes child 

was in good condition 

<wait, WHAT?! 

good condition?

in whose opinion?> 

at Brunswick Hospital 

at press time 

<get this: Desjean 

was treated 

and released at the hospital>

police are searching 

for the elderly woman 

for failing to stop 

and render aid in an accident 

<let me tell you 

who stopped 

and rendered aid: 

two grandmotherly 

black nurses

pure angels  

on their way 

to work 

at the Brunswick Hospital…

let me tell you 

who they put in MY ambulance with me: 

Thomas Desjean….

let me tell you 

who brought me 

a Snoopy book 

and an apology 

a week later 

so he could move on 

with his pitiful life: 

Thomas Desjean….

let me tell you 

who was NOT 

in good condition 

as reported at press time 

and still has nightmares 

about that morning: 

Kimberly Lynn Haynes 

let me tell you 

who worked a miracle 

that day:



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