Enneagram Pantoum

Challenge from

Emily Yamasaki – write a worry box Pantoum.

Enneagram Pantoum

Enneagram Type One? Hmmm….. maybe.

I took the free test. 

A rule follower who wants things done correctly? Me? 

A 98% Perfectionist pie slice?

I took the free truity.com personality test. 

I’m 97% Type 5, Investigator? 

When have you ever known a preacher’s kid who “follows rules”??

I “seek knowledge” and am “more comfortable with #DATA than people?” 

97% that AND 94% The Achiever? 

98%, 97%, 94%?  This pie seems skewed. 

I want “to be successful, admired,” and I’m       

        “conscious of my public image?” 

Is it sinful if I’m more comfortable with data than

        with people?  

The glass pastorium has me nauseated

        with the public image thing, plus Pantoums 

        prove I’m no Perfectionist. 

I’m a tormented breed of a 1, 5, 3.

What am I least of? 47% Type 2, The Giver? 

No, no, no. I tithe. I just give in Godlier ways.

I’m a tormented breed and I’m selfish? 

Exactly how is a rule follower who wants to do things correctly selfish? 

No, no, no. They have me all wrong.


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