Coding 101: Secretly Forecasting Atmospheric Conditions



Coding 101: Secretly Forecasting Atmospheric Conditions

compass rose
on our faces
reversed to self,

“weather check?”
I remind us
before venturing along

I turn toward him
gaze to the heavens
a windsock lifting
changing angles
awaiting the forecast

“cloudy in the western hemisphere,
with a strong chance of sunshine
and a slight chance of storms,”
my own private meteorologist
in his whispered broadcast

in every forecast he makes there is
a strong chance of sunshine
and a slight chance of storms

he tilts his head
checks the sky

no scripted teleprompting needed here

“sustained winds
according to the
barometric pressure
but otherwise
clear and balmy
stay tuned”
I whisper back
grinning a secret smile
signing off the air

I hand him a Kleenex and
duck into the ladies’ room
cocooning my own tissue
in my right hand
in search of a mirror
to release a small cloud from
my western hemisphere

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