#VerseLove April 24 with Susie Morice

Today is Day 24 of #VerseLove at http://www.ethicalela.com, and Susie Morice is our host. She inspires us to write poems using a junk drawer to determine things about who we are. You can read her full prompt and the poems of others here. I chose to write about the treasure I found in someone else’s junk dogs.

These Three Kings

I found three castoffs
betrayed, neglected, abused
I crowned these three kings 
Boo Radley
Ollie, “the baby” who is always ready to play

2 Replies to “#VerseLove April 24 with Susie Morice”

  1. What a great prompt from Susie Morice! I love how you used a junk drawer to determine who you are and wrote a poem about the treasure found in someone else’s junk. Your poem “These Three Kings” is so powerful and evocative. I am curious to know, what inspired you to write about these castoffs and why did you choose to crown them as kings?

    MR. W


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