Slice of Life Challenge – March 28 – Making Stones Crystal Clear

My daughter in her desert rockhounding playground, where she locates stones.

When one of my daughters moved to Nevada, she began taking a greater interest in natural foods and overall wellness through diet, exercise, prayer, and meditation. She suffers from anxiety, so the healing properties of Himalayan Salt lamps and hikes through the desert to calm the mind and familiarization with the properties of crystals to alleviate stress are all pathways of interest for her. I made a commitment in February to involve others in my blog posts throughout March, and I invited her to share some of her knowledge of crystals. In today’s first part, our dialogue is exchanged through texting.

My daughter has been teaching me about each stone and what it can be used for – here, she holds an amethyst, used to promote serenity and calmness, and even help with headaches that come as a result of anxiety and tension.

I asked my daughter if it was true that crystals and stones really have healing properties.

What’s fascinating, Mom, is that ancient civilizations all used stones and found the same benefits from them, and this was before the days of communication between these civilizations, yet they somehow still found that a crystal or mineral that could be found in both places had the same benefits.

We were texting about her knowledge of crystals as I was suffering from a tension headache that has been debilitating since February 1, and I was willing to try anything – anything – to get my normal head back.

And they were all using them, especially certain civilizations that were known for it – like the ancient Chinese. Jade is very precious to them (as are many but everyone associates the ancient Chinese with jade) and even Cleopatra would grind down Lapis Lazuli for her famous blue eyeliner. There is an impact glass that formed millions of years ago from a meteorite crashing into the Libyan/Egyptian desert sand (I have a piece of this impact glass called Libyan Desert Glass) that was found set in the breastplate worn by King Tut and was found when his tomb was discovered. The history of people using stones in the ancient world is even an interesting topic on its own. There are even mentions of stones in the Bible.

The hour-long text session was taking us through the twists and turns from history to actual uses of stones, and I found myself growing more and more impressed by her vast knowledge of the topic.

I asked her how crystals fit into religion, because several years ago, there was backlash that stones were being used in place of God.

Honestly, this is just my opinion, Mom – nothing researched – but after working with and meditating with crystals, I am pretty convinced that the prophets in the Bible, I believe they had the gift of prophecy from God, but I believe they used crystals to help facilitate this gift. In Exodus, the breastplate of Aaron was a sacred object used by the high priest in order to communicate with God. It had 12 stones set in it, for the 12 tribes of Israel. During some of my meditations using crystals, when I’m in my meditation and visualizing, sometimes I get very unexpected quick flashes of visions. For example, if I’m visualizing things in my head during this meditation and I’m going through a walk in the forest on this journey, I focus on that, but on several meditations, visions of things have come into my head like a flash, just an image, without me ever thinking about them. I can’t explain it but it’s very cool when it happens. I think the prophets used them for sure. I haven’t researched that topic, but I just believe that.

But what about the people who say crystals are the work of the devil? There are folks out there who believe that, so I asked if she’d explored the reasons and the case for Biblical uses of crystals.

Mom, that’s because some people think they are associated with the occult. But why would God put them in such abundance on this earth if they weren’t for us to use? There are things that I don’t like or wouldn’t ever use when I go into a metaphysical shop that sells crystals because of my beliefs. For example, tarot cards. I don’t know much about them, but there are things in there that fall too far on the extreme side for my beliefs. I would never ever want a psychic reading. First off, you never know if you’re being scammed and second, that’s just not something I need.

She continued her line of reasoning.

As long as people don’t practice idolatry when using crystals, they’re fine. But that can be said for literally anything in the physical world: cell phones, televisions, anything. And why would he put them here on earth for us?? Okay, I’ll play devil’s advocate for a second and say the same reason he put Adam and Eve in a garden with forbidden fruit but he said not to eat the fruit, he never said not to use the crystals. That’s coming from humans, not God. He just said never to worship anything/anyone other than him.

I was following her thinking, even as my eyes landed on the prescription bottles in the kitchen window. What was the difference in using chemicals ground with a mortar and pestle, swallowed to enter my bloodstream to combat the effects of this severe tension headache and using the magnetic properties of stones to alleviate a headache? I had to believe in whatever remedy I was doing either way, but that didn’t mean God was knocked off the top pedestal of priority any more than when I consume the food I eat to sustain my life.

There are those who associate mediation with a variety of religions, like it’s different from prayer, so how do you think meditation is the same or different?

I believe that prayer is powerful, but I also believe the energy the crystals emit from vibrations can help calm you down for more focused prayer, uplift your spirits, help with appetite, anxiety, blood circulation, everything. When a lot of people are passing on into their eternal life, I’ve heard of people laying crystals on them as they’re dying and in all of the instances, it’s a calming peaceful last few hours/minutes. My boyfriend’s sister did that for their grandmother when she died too.

There are extreme minds who will not for one second wrap their mind around accepting the use of crystals in their lives, though, and will even go a step further and disparage anyone who would. How do you respond to these folks?

Mom, people use crystals and don’t even know. Watches are powered by quartz. When you use a barbecue lighter, it’s piezoelectric energy from hitting a quartz that sparks the flame.

I had to admit – – she had enlightened my thinking in a way that took me away from all of the negative connotations associated with crystals and had my mind turning. What could be harmful about a crystal that could have a worse reputation than headache pills? I was opening my mind to the new possibilities……

Stay tuned for Part 2 on Thursday……

14 Replies to “Slice of Life Challenge – March 28 – Making Stones Crystal Clear”

  1. Kim,
    This is a fascinating discussion. I have a neighbor who is really into crystals and their healing and therapeutic uses. I also have a former student who has a gorgeous crystal shop in downtown Pocatello. I love his crystals, but they are expensive. Anyway, this topic fits w/ your epsom salt posts. I think the biblical analysis is spot in, too. We’re just conditioned to default to pharmaceuticals and have k we-jerk reactions to holistic, natural cures. Changing takes a bug paradigm shift in thinking.

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    1. Thank you, Glenda – – I do love exploring this topic and I hope to go rockhounding with her sometime in the near future. She discovers all sorts of things out there in the desert. I’d love to visit that shop in Pocatello – sometimes I go places like that just to learn new things. And then I buy something small and inexpensive just to support small business and to say thank you for the learning experience! You’re right – – I hadn’t really thought of this as a wellness month, but I suppose that with the epsom salts and the crystals and ecotherapy and Saturday savorings, it has been a lot about mental wellness and health for me. I need to take a deep dive into more topics like these.

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  2. Kim, I am completely intrigued by crystals. I go to a Reiki specialist to help me. She’s mentioned the power of crystals, too. I love how you unfold your daughter’s thoughts through the text messages and think your post is thought-provoking. I will have to read further into crystals.

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  3. I really enjoyed this slice, Kim. I love your daughter’s line, “But why would God put them in such abundance on this earth if they weren’t for us to use? ” This seems so astute to me. I think we humans have such a sense of ‘domination’ or ‘hierarchy’ (with us on top) vis-a-vis so much of the natural world, and this has totally blinded us to all the natural world offers. I believe there is much healing in those rocks! Young children instinctively collect and rub and hold onto stones and gems – and I have learned so much from their happy delight with these. I am always collecting these on trips. I am fascinated by all you’ve shared here – and must go learn more. Thank your daughter for me!!


    1. Maureen, thank you. I sent her the link this morning, and she was so thrilled to read everyone’s comments and the post. I can’t wait to learn more and really am looking forward to Leigh Anne Eck’s new blog she’s starting on nature and outdoors. I think there is so much untapped exploring to do – rocks and crystals, ecotherapy, earth grounding, nature collage, nature photography, kite flying, you name it outside – – I hadn’t thought of the fascination children have with rocks, but yes – – I remember now!


  4. Kim, this post and your text thread with your daughter are absolutely fascinating. My family believes in the energy properties of crystals and I used to think it superstitious, but now I want to do more research. Your last question poses a lot to ponder. Thank you for addressing possible naysayers.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading today! I am beginning to explore more with crystals and stones. I’m fascinated by the energy and healing properties, and I think I am missing out on the natural healing they provide by immediately reaching for a Tylenol without thinking of prevention and wellness before cures and remedies.

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  5. Kim, when I was a child, I had a couple of books about rocks and minerals and how they were formed – I pored over it. I am intrigued by fossils now, partly because there are so many where my grandparents lived, and partly because of the ancient stories they hold. I say all this to say, along the line of your daughter’s thinking: The Earth is full of mystery and power we cannot begin to fathom, even with all our knowledge. Crystals are like this, each kind adhering to certain geometric patterns – God is a very precise designer, and crystals, like everything in Creation, ultimately belong to the Creator. Of course all of it has been misused, misconstrued, and exploited by humankind, who was supposed to be the steward…I wonder about the original power and purpose of things before the Fall (as referenced by your daughter also). Even so – nature is FULL of vibrant regenerative power. And healing, and an invitation to well-being…believers walk circumspectly, yes. Although I wrote of auspices in this challenge and see glimpses of the divine in birds, I do not try to read birds as signs for decisions, etc. as the ancient Romans did. I am just awed by birds and their…glorious design. On that note: Aaron’s breastplate stones included the mysterious Urim and Thummin ‘stones’, mentioned in several places for divining the will of God…only in the right hands, and only for a time… utterly fascinating. As is this post!

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    1. Thank you, Fran, for sharing your thoughts – – always so full of insights and added perspectives! Your fascination with rock and mineral formations began in childhood books, too – – as did mine. I’m just continually amazed that so many of our passions were born in the books of our youth and we return to these thoughts and interests throughout our lives. As for the crystals and stones, I am committed to learning more and am so glad that she is sharing her wealth of knowledge with me. I picked up a book to begin reading more and have made the connection that my late mother had a lot of anxiety as she aged – – and her jewelry box was full of different types of gems and stones. I believe without a doubt that she didn’t talk about this with us but wore certain pieces of jewelry to combat the effects of anxiety and headaches. I never made the observation while she was alive, but looking back, I should have. I’m excited to learn more about what she knows and what my daughter already knows. I like your comment that God is a precise designer who created it all – and gives me more reason to admire these creations.

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  6. So much to digest in this, it is truly fascinating. I can see reasons behind both sides as you and your daughter exchange thoughts. I would be more on your side of thinking. I tend to think of crystals as new age, but I’ll be interested to see what you reveal next! There is so much we may NEVER understand fully with our finite minds.

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