Part of Me

I’ve been reading Lightning Paths by Kyle Vaughn and working through the daily exercises. Today’s prompt is to write a poem in which you choose something that may seem insignificant that is actually a big part of your identity.

The Roots

a baby in a cloth diaper 
    pinned up
sitting in the middle
of a desk
surrounded by stacks of books
her father speaking 
Greek and Hebrew roots
in his seminary studies

a love of books 
   of words
     of language
       of learning
is rooted in those days
    back in Kentucky
       in 1966

Made with Padlet

4 Replies to “Part of Me”

  1. Wow….thanks for sharing your lovely poem. I read and reread it. O love the placement of the words on the page. I love the repetition of the word “of”. The image of a baby surrounded in books has me thinking of a potted plant and of course the roots would be reaching out for words, for learning. I so look forward to reading your slices each week. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Kim, this is lovely. I see the books in your poem as the soul, the roots as the seeds, you as a growing vine spreading book love. We must surround our children w/ books and nurture those reading lives. Wonderful poem.

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