Two-Line Poem

I’ve been reading Kyle Vaughn’s Lightning Paths this month, working my way through the writing exercises from cover to cover. Today’s prompt is a two-line poem.

At High Falls Campground

There was better medicine in nature
than in the 5 Covid prescriptions I was taking 

Made with Padlet

3 Replies to “Two-Line Poem”

  1. Wow- amazing how two lines say so much! I’ve been trying to connect more with nature. Your poem is proof of its powers!


  2. Kim, I’m not surprised you packed so much meaning into your poem’s two lines. One of my favorite poems is “In a Station of the Metro.” I loved teaching it to illustrate the power of concision. Enjoy this final 2022 foray into nature and camping. I’m looking forward to your writing adventures for 2023. Peace and blessings to you.


  3. Such power in just 2-lines! I so agree with you. The medicial benefits of time in nature can’t be bottled and sold. But I’d pay LOTS for it if I had to because I know it works. Feel better and recover fast. I’m also so inspired by your work at learning and trying so many poetry forms. Congrats!!! Thanks for sharing. What is your next writing project? !!!


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