November’s Open Write – Day 5 – Ekphrastic Poetry

Katrina Morrison of Oklahoma is our host today for’s November Open Write, Day 5. She challenges us to write Ekphrastic Poetry, or poems about pieces of art. I chose a painting my father recently gave me by Margaret Keane, famous for her Big Eyes paintings (there’s a movie, too). This one is entitled After the Storm. Special thanks to Two Writing Teachers, too, for giving writers space to share through Slice of Life.

After The Storm by Margaret Keane

pairs of every kind
must have felt fearful relief
when the door opened

after the great flood
a lone dove fluffs its feathers
we're finally here!

under the rainbow
hope painted in the heavens
for fruitful futures

elephants trumpet
the platformed walk: arrival!
just look at those eyes!

Made with Padlet

3 Replies to “November’s Open Write – Day 5 – Ekphrastic Poetry”

  1. So much to love and admire here! It took me several readings to notice your clever title. And the use of repeating “f” words: “felt fearful relief” and more. A lovely poem to accompany a beautiful artwork.


  2. Kim,
    I enjoyed reading your poem here. Love the playful title, and this stanza is my favorite:

    under the rainbow
    hope painted in the heavens
    for fruitful futures

    So many lovely phrases “hope painted in the heavens” wow

    and “fruitful futures”



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