Church Dogs

Church Dogs

sit with us
watching church on
Sunday morning like
they haven’t bickered all
morning at the heels of my
broken ankle, just like children
all dressed up, behaving one small hour

7 Replies to “Church Dogs”

  1. Charming poem! Not what I expected, and full of loving humor. I dont know if you planned the structure, but I like the pyramidal structure of your poem as the lines get longer. It’s as if you take a few words to paint the picture and then tell us a bit more and a bit more.

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  2. I think whoever invented the schnoodle was probably asking for some naughtiness. Glad they could hold it together for a bit. I, too, loved the way this poem built, maybe implying that the pressure of misbehavior was building inside those three. It makes us imagine what happened after the benediction.

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  3. The soothing respite is relatable. I sometimes fall asleep during the sermon, but always wake up refreshed. I feel bad that I missed the service and want to apologize to the speaker. At the same time, Sunday is a day of rest. I appreciate those who are gracious as my body takes the time to do so.

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  4. Kim: Fabulous analogy of dogs to kids “all dressed up, behaving one small hour.” Your etherees, like your haiku, are par excellence. For all the warmth in this image – settled schnoodles, the online worship service, being at home – I sense the weight of endurance required for healing. Blessings and rapid-as-possible recovery to you. At least you can write to combat the weary heart ❤

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