Sunday Morning Songbird

I broke my ankle in two places last week, falling down the stairs at work as I was bringing a box of writing supplies down for a workshop this coming week. My husband has been waiting on me hand and foot, but there’s no one else like Mom to soothe the pain and reassure me that this will all be okay. I was missing her so much, but then I heard a sweet sound and looked up…..there she was, a spirited message: you’re going to be fine, Kimmie.

Sunday Morning Songbird Nonet

one tweeting Sunday morning songbird
singing peace through my green-leaved wreath
a healing greeting from Mom
Heaven knows I need her
to soothe this broken
ankle, to lift 
my weary,
Sunday morning songbird as we tuned in to church

One Reply to “Sunday Morning Songbird”

  1. OH, NO, Kim – I am so sorry about your ankle! I am wincing from the very idea of that pain. Your door and wreath so remind me of my own, where the finches nest each spring. Birds…beloved winged messengers, symbols of the divine imparting comfort and peace just when we need them most. Beautiful etheree capturing the essence of love and its transcendent power. Your mother would surely be nursing you through…yet she is near, in the birdsong. Continued healing and prayers, dear friend ❤

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