Dictionary for a Better World Word Plan

I’ve been thinking about how to study a book to make a real difference, and for me, I think it’s association and application. That’s why for the months of August and September I’ve come up with a plan for celebrating each word in the book. This is my plan for devouring them:

DateNational EventWord
August 1National Respect for Parents DayRespect
2National Ice Cream Sandwich DayIntention
3National Georgia DayDiversity
4National Chocolate Chip Cookie DayExperiment
5National Work Like a Dog DayService
6National Play Outside DayNature
7National Friendship DayHate Epitaph
8National Happiness Happens DayReach
9National Book Lover’s DayPause
10National S’mores DayFuel
11Global Kinetic Sand DayVulnerable
12National Julienne Fries DayListen!
13International Left Hander’s DayXenial
14National Creamsicle DayDream
15National Lemon Meringue Pie DayTenacity
16National Tell a Joke DayLaughter
17National I Love My Feet DayUpstander
18National Ice Cream Pie Day Yes
19National Soft Ice Cream Day Acceptance
20Open Write at http://www.ethicalela.com
21Open Write
22Open Write
23Open Write
24Open Write
25National Kiss and Make Up DayForgiveness
26National Women’s Equality DayEquality
27National Just Because DayFreedom
28National Thoughtful DayMindfulness
29According to Hoyle DayNetiquette
30National Grief Awareness DayCompassion
31National Trail Mix DayExercise
September 1 No Rhyme Nor Reason DayZest
2National Lazy Mom’s DayShero
3National Bowling League DayTeam
4National Wildlife DayWonder
5National Cheese Pizza DayHumility
6National Read a Book DayEmpathy
7National Grateful Patient DayGratitude
8National School Picture DayAlly
9National Teddy Bear DayCourage
10National Swap Ideas DayOpen
11Patriot Day/National Day of Service & RemembranceHope
12National Just One Human Family DayBelonging
13National Celiac Disease Awareness DayQuestion
14National Live Creative DayCreate
15Greenpeace DayJustice
16National Play-Doh DayPeace
17Open Write at http://www.ethicalela.com
18Open Write
19Open Write AND National Talk Like a Pirate DayVoice
20Open Write
21Open Write
22Dear Diary DayEtymology of Progress
23Teal Talk DayDialogue
24Ansley Meyer’s Birthday- Abecedarian PoetryWorld of Better Words
25National Daughter’s DayLove
26Situational Awareness Day Extra Word: Safety
27National Day of ForgivenessRelease
28National Good Neighbor DayExtra Word: Neighbor
29Urban Wildlife Refuge Day Extra Word: Refuge
30National Love People DayKindness

During the months of August and September on days when I’m not participating in the Open Write at www.ethicalela.com, I will be writing in response to the pages of Dictionary for a Better World: Poems, Quotes, and Anecdotes from A to Z by Irene Latham and Charles Waters, illustrated by Mehrdokht Amini. The poems, poetic forms, narratives, quotes, and calls to action to make one small difference might be just the medicine my world or the whole world needs. I’ll be inviting insights in the form of an immersion into a 10-minute-a-day book study (just long enough to read the page, reflect, and connect). If you don’t have a copy of the book, you can order one here on Amazon. I invite you to join me in making August and September a time of deep personal book friendship. A few teachers will be following the blog and engaging in classroom readings and responses to the text. So come along! Let’s turn the pages into intentionally crafting beautiful change together.

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