July’s Open Write with Mo Daley


Mo Daley is our host at http://www.ethicalela.com today for the Open Write. Gogyoshi poems have a short, simple structure with 2 rules – a title and five lines.
In 2009, my daughter begged me to bring home a puppy from a cardboard box at the post office. She believed they were German Shepherds. But they turned out to be something better. They were farm dogs. We named her Tia, but she took up with a family who had other dogs at the time and only comes to check on us rarely now, as she can barely walk and has trouble seeing and hearing. She found her way back yesterday and visited for awhile during the storm when no one was home anywhere else. Something tells me she came to say goodbye and to thank us for rescuing her from a box to a farm.


Tia the Traitor in a Thunderstorm

she chose another family on the farm
that puppy from a cardboard box who
came back home in the storm
so old and weak now that I had to
drive her back around the corner

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