Foot-Stompin’ Trash Talkers

take a walk with me

just outside in my front yard

deep in the country

where pine forest touches sky

there’s no one around

just us and two does

on their feeding path at the

edge of the woods….shhhhh!

stand still and listen

~they’ll stomp those front feet

in protest of us

they think we don’t know

that they were here first

they harumphhhhh,

showing annoyance ~

then, white tails up,

they’ll take cover in the brush

….they’re clearly fed up

they’ll go trash-talk us

to their herd,

the rude house humans

who infringed on them

Job 39:1 

Do you know when the mountain goats give birth? Do you observe the calving of the does?

Actual foot-stompin’ trash talkers

One Reply to “Foot-Stompin’ Trash Talkers”

  1. I am enchanted with phrases such as “where pine forest touches sky” because they are truly poetic. And in a counter-intuitive manner, you bring the does closer to us by imposing our humanity on them–“trash-talk”–and yet I find myself reading more into it all. We humans do infringe. What must these animals talk about after they encounter us? Artfully rendered. I always enjoy reading your verse.


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