Sunday Nap Haiku

Never, ever on

Sunday afternoon should you

take a nap halfway.

Sleep deeply, fully

chasing rabbits in the woods

in a dreamland world….

….wake up not knowing

who you are or where you live,

looking for rabbits ….

Special thanks to Slice of Life

5 Replies to “Sunday Nap Haiku”

  1. -PRECIOUS. Your babies are absolutely living the life, dreaming the dream, and how can one not be 1) utterly enraptured by this sight of snoozing schnoodles and 2) more than a bit envious of such rich sleep? Watching dogs dream is hilarious; more than once I’ve wished for a movie of what they see as they dream. Mostly I want to crawl into the photos to pick these darling creatures up and snuggle them. Dogs know: Sunday is a day of rest!! Your haiku and these shot are exactly the warmth and light I need to start this new day – thank you, Kim 🙂

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  2. Kim,
    Your haiku tug on my dog-loving heart, and I know you took dictation well from the children pictured. I went to lie down on the couch w/ your fur babies. Our pups teach us so much. Last night Snug propped his head on my foot as he rested. He’s such a caring companion to me.

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