Visions of Cinnamon Sugarplum Donuts

Nothing excites me like a new writing tool. It doesn’t matter whether the tools are for 3 year olds or 103 year olds – – I feel a thrilling invitation to discover a new writing adventure whenever I uncover something new to inspire my mind and pen to dance a tango across the page. Normally, I would have sent this new discovery to my grandchildren, but I wanted to see this one first to check it out. To play. To write. To envision. I’m so inspired that I have decided to keep this set of story cards and order them a set of their own. They’re like Rory’s Story Cubes on steroids.

Create-a-Story Cards won the Oppenheim Best Toy Award gold seal. I bought the Animal Village set.

When a gold seal on a box says the thing inside won the Oppenheim Best Toy Award, I’m like that kid at Christmas who rips right in without pause. The instructions for Create-a-Story offer several options. I’m choosing to sort through the cards and choose 7 or 8 as “ingredient pictures” to create a story – to whip up an original recipe in the same way a pastry chef creams some butter and sugar and then beats an egg and folds in some flour. So here are my card ingredients……and here is my story:

From this hearty deck, I have chosen these 8 cards to tell my story.

Visions of Cinnamon Sugarplum Donuts

When Nana and Poppy visit their grandchildren whose names are Beckham, River, Saylor, and Sawyer for Christmas, they cross the state line from Georgia to South Carolina with mind-growing gifts for their little platypus, hedgehog, squirrel, and skunk. After a meal of Chick Fil-A chicken nuggets and lemonade tea, the gift-opening festivities begin.

In 2021, Saylor had a baking Christmas. She got a donut maker, an apron and chef’s hat, her own set of bowls and utensils (not the play kind, either, y’all – – hers are the real grownup kind), and a box of brown sugar cinnamon donut mix. Even though she had never made donuts before, she knew her mommy would help her gather all of the ingredients to make the world’s most perfect donuts – even better than ice cream with cherries and sprinkles on top, and that her daddy would be so proud! While her brothers River and Sawyer zipped around the living room on their new hover boards from Santa (occasionally coming to help stir and sample) and her daddy helped get her baby brother Beckham upstairs to take his nap, Saylor went straight to work making donuts with her mom.

Saylor also sensed that her Nana, the one with the sweet tooth who loves candy and sugary desserts, secretly hoped that her granddaughter would open her own bakery someday and invent a whole new line of her own magical desserts that would bring smiles and laughter to everyone who stepped through her bakery doors. And that she would also have free little doggie treats set out on the counter for all the customers to give to their dogs (and maybe even their cats, too, if their cats were as nice as her own cat, Titten, who as a young kitten had been flung from a car by a drunk man in a fit of rage in the rain while screaming at his crying wife right in the middle of the road and then rescued into the loving home of Saylor and her family, taking on the name Titten from her baby brother’s attempts to say “kitten”).

Her very first donuts amazed and dazzled the entire family tree, including those dearly departed who returned from Heaven in spirit at the mere smell of these donuts just to check things out and plant invisible kisses on the foreheads of their delightful little squirrel and hedgehog and skunk and platypus, and for the rest of the day they all sang and danced and celebrated the donut queen’s sweetly seasoned culinary skills at the tender age of four. Nana and Poppy wore themselves out with all the energy and excitement of the day, and they returned home to a night of deep sleep, visions of magical brown sugar cinnamon donuts dancing in their heads just like all those storied sugarplums they never understood….until now.

Special thanks to Slice of Life

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