Listen Acrostic OLW 2022


Late at night

In early morning

Sunshine or rain, I 

Turn heavenward my

Ears, attentive, ceaselessly

Needing His wisdom

In March 2021, I was so inspired by Fran Haley’s poem “Listen” that I wrote a mirror poem, using her phrase just to listen, and used the repeating word listen throughout my mirror poem.  For National Poetry Month’s #VerseLove celebration in April 2021, I used her poem as the inspiration poem during my day of hosting. The power of a poem, the power of a word, the power of a kinship of writers and readers as we share blesses me tremendously – and that one word listen stayed with me and became my one not so little word for 2022.  Thank you to everyone in my writing groups, and thank you to those who provide opportunities for all of us to share our writing!  I celebrate you all today.  

You can read Fran Haley’s poem Listen here:

My mirror poem Just to Listen is here:

Our poems during #Verselove 2021 are here:

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 A very special thank you to Slice of Life, and Happy New Year to everyone!

10 Replies to “Listen Acrostic OLW 2022”

  1. Wow. You have captured the feeling of participating in this shared community and the power of words which resonate. Reading really is a form of listening, of focused attention to the thoughts of another. Thank you for sharing your beautiful mirror poem and the beauty of Fran's words.


  2. Kim, you know I am carrying my not-so-little word “awe” with me into this new year…I am in awe of how “listen” found you and struck such deep chords in your soul. How beautifully you convey the spiritual nature of “listen.” It is a beckoning. The word itself sounds like a whisper. For the first time, here in your poem, I notice its kinship, its assonance, with “wisdom” – another word I treasure. And I love an acrostic. An ancient form with ancient power (so underused, I say!). I celebrate with you the collective sparks and the mirrors in our communities of writers…yes, an endless source of power, born of the desire to create, to connect, to conjure something beautiful into being, with words. Writing is a spiritual activity. The created reflecting the Creator. YOU are a blessing – it pours forth in every lyrical line from your vibrant heart! I cannot wait to see where “listen” leads you in the days to come…and where it finds you. Thank you ❤


    1. “Writing is a spiritual activity.” I do hear the common phonetic sounds in wisdom and listen – and whisper. I’m always so fascinated by what others notice and share – and I appreciate your words so much! Thank you for inspiring me to choose a word this year.


  3. Kim, listen is a beautiful word that brings us closer to the speaker in a reverent way. The poetic connection between you and Fran H. is special. Your mirror poem moves me as Fran's does too. Be of peace this year and listen carefully to sounds so they do not get passed by.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing – I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with other writers. Reverence is a fitting word to describe the connection we feel when we take the time to read – to listen – to think about another’s words so carefully.


  4. The word “listen” is excellent!! Such a fabulous shout out to Fran Haley and to #Verselove. I remember these beautiful poems. This line is itself poetic – I love how it celebrates writing in community:”The power of a poem, the power of a word, the power of a kinship of writers and readers as we share blesses me tremendously” – just lovely!


    1. Thank you for sharing, Maureen! I’m pleased that you remember the poems. I’m always so thrilled to be a part of Open Write and Verse Love – and Slice of Life! I learn so much from all of you!


    1. Glenda, I appreciate that so much. I am working on practicing being better at listening. I, too, am a fan of the word love! Thanks for all you do to inspire and encourage me! I’ve had you on my mind!


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