Wait, what?!


Wait, what?!

wait, what??? the earth is flat??

what about the round pictures from space?

<am I in some kind of vortex??

can this conversation be happening?>

why are sunrise times different, then? 

how would we have different time zones coast to coast on a flat earth?

wait, aliens and spaceships? 

why would secret footage be hidden?

we really aren’t allowed to fly over antarctica? how did my friend visit there? 

so the 4 different kinds of map projections are all out of whack and things are distorted? 

but isn’t that a visual representation challenge and not evidence of a physical planetary impossibility? 

wait, we didn’t land on the moon? 

so Glenn said he did it and later denied ever taking the one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind?

<what has he been smoking? 🌎>

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