A New Son


A New Son

“A young male schnoodle – 

a stray on the streets,” she told 

me, about this dog…

“…animal shelter 

placed him with his first rescue,

who called another…..

more breed-specific –

we took him as a foster…

he’s such a sweet boy! 

Come meet him!” she urged. 

Off we drove to fall in love,

welcome a new son.

“Here is all his food~

oh, and the ball is sacred.”

We brought him home, changed

his name from King to 

Ollie, bought a new collar,

tag, and dog sweater.

We introduced him

to his new tribe of brothers –

a family tree! 

He doesn’t like baths,

wants to play fetch all day long.

His eyebrows tell all.

He whine-talks his thoughts,

outright barks his firm demands.

He’s made us his own!  

One Reply to “A New Son”

  1. HE. IS. PRECIOUS. They all are! And how true it is that these God-sent creatures (just look in their eyes) make us their own! I cannot imagine my own life without dogs, Kim. Nor can my boys – could we even call it “life”?


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